Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Light posting.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. I was listening to the fan in the morn, going on about how we should trade 12. What BS. I dont mind trading 12, but if we are going to be intellectually honest, shouldn't we look at all the possible problems with the team, and not just a hot topic for morons? Like i dont know, how about a president who's claim to fame is that he hired D.Sutter? Ouch!

    If you smelllllll....

  2. Maybe the guys on the Fan will bounce around trading Bourque and Stajan for Bobby Ryan? It's a two for one so it must be a good deal right?


  3. My favourite is the Bouwmeester suggestion. Because, you know, the Ducks are looking to take on salary.

  4. Brynn is an idiot. I thought he was tolerable but he's said two things that make me want to shoot his kneecaps:

    1) "If the Flames go on a six game win streak, they're right back in the playoff race!"

    Uh huh. Pass the crackpipe, Brynn.

    2) "I can't believe the Ticats fired their coach after they stated a vote of confidence!"

    Apparently Brynn really was born yesterday.

  5. ...and the Ducks want to help out the Flames because??

    Only the Flames make trades with teams that have absolutely nothing to offer and suck ass just because they want to be nice guys. Isn't that right Brian Burke?

  6. Dion for Stajan has to be the worst trade ever.

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