Monday, November 14, 2011

Nik Hagman Claimed; Commentary To Follow

We know. You are all eagerly looking at your screens, wondering who we are going to link to, to tell us all about the (insert your reaction here) news that Nik Hagman was claimed off waivers by the Ducks?

If we start this article we are going to be here for four hours, and we don't want to be here for four hours. This here whole Hagman 'thang' is attached to a whole lotta other 'thangs', right? So that is a root canal we would rather plan out.

Hence, commentary to follow.

The one thing we will say, the knee-jerk we have, is that if we weren't the cynical fucks we are, we would say that it certainly looks like the Flames are putting themselves in a position to make an acquisition.

Big, mortgage-the-future-in-attempt-to-win-now trade? That would be very Flames of them...

Furthermore, I suggest mortgaging the future on Weber.


  1. change your girls

  2. DB,
    please just change it to "month's forwards" etc. so we can avoid all the "change the girls" posts.

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