Friday, November 4, 2011

Misery Of The Faithless

Quoteth Dome Beers:

"Flames are in a tough spot, gang.

They get worked by the Canucks on their home ice, so are expected to put in a good effort. Detroit has lost 5 games in a row.

If the Flames win the attitude is 'well, they bloody well should have after their performance in their last game' but
 us non-believers can shrug and say that the Flames caught Detroit while they playing badly.

Almost no win, really.

And because the Flames are trying to turn us all into schizophrenics, they of course did win in Detroit.

We were watching the game, and we remarked to the ether that we had not seen a Detroit team look this bad in a long time. But maybe that is just a product of our perspective: Perhaps the Flames made Detroit look that bad.

It's a matter of faith. Do you still believe in this team, or have you lost the faith? If you still believe, then last nights victory over the Detroit Red Wings is reason for optimism, but if you don't believe, then last nights victory over a club that had lost it's five previous games it had played doesn't really tell you anything at all: We know the Flames can beat bad teams. The Flames, in fact, are probably the best of the bad teams. The question is are they more than that, and do they have a chance?

The title is a tell for our position on the team: A win over Detroit should be a win over Detroit, yet we are mired in the misery of the faithless: we don't buy in.

(Think about what miserable fucks that makes us: A win over the Red Wings isn't even good enough anymore!)

Instead of going over why, which is pretty well documented, let's talk about what it will take to make us believers.

We once heard some insane stat that most teams in the top 8 come American Thanksgiving tend to stay there. American Thanksgiving is what, November 24th.

From now till then, the Flames play the Sabres, Avalanche (twice), Wild, Hawks (twice), Sens, Jackets, and the Red Wings. If the Flames go 6-3 on this portion of the schedule...we might just start heading down the road to Damascus again.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. Dear John in Damascus,

    Got hijacked, raped & sodomized tonite...won't be making it your way any time soon.


    Calgary Flamers in Buffalo

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