Saturday, October 22, 2011

This Post Is On Qaddafi, Not Burris.

Burris take will come Monday. If that seems a little cryptic, check out the timeline.

Right now we wanna talk about the talk about Qaddafi. Namely, that the way the despot met his end was somehow...barbaric.

First, let's start by showing what barbarism actually looks like:

Right? That's the work of the man who we are all supposed to believe deserved to be treated like a head of state, rather than the criminal, murderous despot he was.

And this argument out there that he deserved the protections of a POW is the most absurd thing we have ever heard. When Qaddafi was killed the war had been over for some time. He was not a combatant, he was an enemy of the state. Which meant he could be legally executed. That's one of the reasons NATO dropped a bomb on his car.

Ultimately though, we marvel at the absolute petty greed this man displayed. The only reason at all we can think of that would have precluded us from throwing Qaddafi to the dogs his decades of misrule had created was if he paid his way out. He apparently had $200 billion stashed away. If you don't think he was kept alive in Sirte for weeks because the powers were not negotiating with him for his money in exchange for his life, you might be a little naive. But this man, Qaddafi, who had lost his country, was hold up in a bunker in a small town, under the constant buzz of advanced warplanes, who had no hope at all for survival unless he made a deal, was so absolutely greedy that he risked his life in a stupid and desperate gamble for the border, rather than surrender, stay alive, but lose the money he looted from Libya.

It's absolutely insane to us that there is any level of...sympathy may be the wrong word, but concern over this worm-dictators death. Honestly, pick up a fucking history book: people like Qaddafi have been dying like Qaddafi did for a thousand years. What the U.N. calls a warcrime, we call the universes preferred method of poetic justice.

Sic Semper Tyrannis.


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