Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Screw You RNH

So we were all prepared to walk into here today and drop some wacky on your asses. We were going to write a letter from RNH to his agent, talking about how the Oilers suck and he wants to go home. Like a little boy goes to camp and finds out nobody likes him because he has seborrheic dermatitis and mommy he just wants to go home. Cool.

And then we go look at the stats page for the Coilers, and holy fucking shit RNH has four goals already. Four goals in four games. A letter writer, he would not be.

So fuck you, RNH. What the fuck are we going to write about now?

Scoring depth? Who wants to talk about scoring depth?

The Oilers have scored eight goals in four games. Four Oilers have goals. The Flames have scored 11 goals in four games, but have received contributions from seven players.

Very generally, we think that it shows that Flames have more depth. That isn't a big shocker to anybody, or we don't think it should be, but over the course of 82 it will be a big thing. Of course, this is game 5, so the Oilers can still get by living with one line.

RNH is shooting 40%. He is bound for a let down. Who is to say it doesn't come against us? At the same time, Hall is shooting 6%. Let's not have him break out on us, eh Flames?

Sticking with stats, moseyed on over to the Flames website and was greeted with absolute horror. Horror!

The Flames have two players on the roster, just fucking two, who are plus players. Two! And you would never believe us if we told you who they were...

NIK 'PASSING'S FOR PUSSY'S' HAGMAN and ANTON 'CAN'T BE TRADED AT THE DEADLINE' BABCHUK. And Badsuck has been benched already, so he probably would be a minus if he had played the same amount of games as the rest of the guys.

You might give weight to the plus/minus stat or you may not. We think when everybody on the roster has a minus, that is indicative of the suckification process gaining speed.

A shutout of the Oilers, mixed in with Iggy waking up and continued good play of the second line that is better than your teams second line, everybody on the roster may wake up with a plus. We will definitely be drinking to that.

This is the start of the six game home stand. Every game may matter, but these six matter a lot. They play the Oilers, the Rangers, the Preds, the Avs, the Blues, and the Canucks. This little series will tell us a lot about the team, we think. If this team wants to be a playoff one...actually scratch that, if this team wants the fans to believe that it is a playoff calibre one, it had at a minimum better beat the Oiler, the Rangers, and the Avs. If it wants the fans to really start to get their juices going, they are going to have to beat the Preds and the Blues. If they want the fans to start ejaculating down the Red Mile, they beat all those teams, and then beat the Canucks as well.

So we wait, and we watch the home stand, and then we probably have a good picture of where the team will be.

Furthermore, I think someone should buy Rob Kerr a decent wig to wear while he is on TV with Charlie Simmer.


  1. It is nigh impossible to have the team have mostly plus players if they have a losing record. Just the way the math works out.

    Flames need to go at least 5-1 on this home stand.


    Shooting percentages mean nothing with this small sample size DB. You know this.

    The kid has looked excellent despite the fact that he can't win a faceoff to save his life.

    Lucky for you your best young prosepct BMO should be back in the lineup tonight. Special on Geritol on aisle six?


  3. Going to be Pylon Practice for RNH/Hall/Eberle with 2/3 of the Flames defence...seen some of their highlights and they are frickin' fast.

    To bodycheck them, you have to catch them first.


  4. 40% is too high a percentage if you play more than 2 games, IMO, for anybody.

  5. Who FN cares......it's Calgary......shithole.


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