Friday, October 7, 2011

Paul Brandt Is Completely Bored By This Whole 'World Junior Ice Hockey Championship' Thang

The 2012 World Junior Championships. Chances are you have heard of this tournament. It is being played in Calgary and some other city, we can't remember it's name. It's not important, anyways.

What is important is that people are very excited about the tournament. They are so excited that every single ticket for the thing sold out in a nanosecond, literally; The crush for tickets crashed the servers of the 2012 World Junior Championships as soon as they were made available.

Did we also mention this happened almost a full year before the tournament was to be held?

That the people are excited for this event then is in no doubt. It's hard not to be excited: the Canadian kids let the nation down at the last tournament, losing to the Russians. The chance for redemption on home soil is such a tempting prospect, you would have to have no pulse at all not to be excited.

Enter Dome Beers favourite Paul Brandt; Country music superstar, man of God, local boy made good, member of the undead.

Wha? Yes, it's sad, but true. Paul Brandt is suffering from an acute case of Jay Bouwmeester syndrome: No heart.

For you see, Paul Brandt was tapped to write the anthem to the 2012 World Junior Championships. Which would seem to be a big deal, especially for a local boy hockey fan, from a small town with big dreams. Really and truly. And indeed, on the surface, it appears it's all good.

From the Edmonton (we have no idea what this is, either) Journal: “I am absolutely honoured and amazed to get the opportunity to do something like this,” Brandt said over the phone from his studio outside of Calgary. “I joke about living the Canadian dream, but it really feels like that. With everything going on in my life right now, with two kids and a new album, a box set and a tour coming, and the television show Build It Forward, it’s been really busy, but really full and good. And then you get asked to do something like this. It’s pretty exciting.”

Hold on, Canadian man. We (I) believe you. Or we would, except that it seems that Paul Brandts excitement for the whole thang ends at the point of having to write the song.

From the Calgary Herald: Alberta country singer Paul Brandt wants your help to write the anthem for the 2012 World Junior Hockey Championship to be held in the province this winter.

Yes, Paul Brandt is so excited that he was tapped as the man to spearhead an anthem for the 2012 World Junior Championships, he can't be bothered to write any of the lyrics for it. It's a beautiful thing, that's the truth.

Now cry if you want, but here is the best part of the story (again, from Calgary Herald):
'Disclaimer: Entrants agree that by submitting their ideas, they waive their rights to be co-writers on the song. Paul Brandt is held harmless from claims against him by entrants. All submissions become the property of the Calgary Herald and Edmonton Journal.'

Yes, Paul Brandt would like you write his song, but he doesn't want to give you any credit for it. Full claim to a songs hockey royalties; That's worth fighting for.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. Dome Beers favourite? For realz?

  2. On the bright side, Paul Brandt sucks, so the more of this he's not a part of, the better.

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