Sunday, October 9, 2011

Notes From Opening Night

Alright. We shit on the team enough, we might as well give some dap when they do something right.

In that spirit...

The music was better than last year. Not everything they played was our cup of tea, but for the most part, we enjoyed it. Two things though: One, there must be another song they can play on Saturdays other than Nickelback. And two, they didn't play the hockey song. They haven't been playing the hockey song for a while at the Dome, true, but that doesn't mean that they shouldn't play it. And please, if your opinion is that they shouldn't play the hockey song at a hockey game because it is hokey, don't bother sharing it. Go tell six year olds Santa Clause is a lie instead, you joyless fucks.

The opening intro video they did was well done. The production quality was very high, and we enjoyed it very much. The one thing we would have changed is we would have included Theo's epic goal celebration, we would have included Steve Smith goal, and we would have included the 'it was in' goal that Gelinas scored against Tampa Bay in 04. But that is pretty nitpicky, and again, the video was pretty good. We didn't like how they got rid of lasering fire on the ice, they went with lasering the logo and player names, which is alright but not nearly as cool as the fire they went with in years past.

Finally, the team went with 'HH' on the helmet, which was very classy.

We walked up the Saddledome around 7:30, 7:40. The Saddledome external lights were not on. When we left after the game, they were. What is that? Did they wait until 8 to flip the light switch? Why? It's a little thing, but it just seems to speak to the half-ass way the team is run. The Dome should have turned their external lights on at like 6, just for the optics of it.

The beer seems to have lost it's oomph. Now, this could be because the team quit in the second period. We acknowledge that. But it seemed...we don't know, less potent. We had fasted all day and sat pretty high up, too. If the beer dominated anyone, it should have been us. But again, maybe it is just us being sour. We did the two a period thang though, and thought it was more of a challenge in years past.

Now here is what pissed us the hell off: The team didn't come out with any heart for the home opener. The team is way to casual. We think that is the coach, and this is probably going to be the year of fire coach junior on Dome Beers, even though the guy came into this season as a lame duck, which we think shows he is just playing out his time before he gets to go back to the Rebels, so he is probably gone at the end of the year anyway.

And thank the deity for that. This team is largely the same as the one from last year. There shouldn't really be any need for the team to gel, of for the coach to have to spend time feeling out the players. The Flames were only too happy to leak that Darryl interfered with Brent and his coaching. Well, maybe he was doing that for a reason, because after an offseason where it was heralded that Brent was able to coach his way with the people he wanted, the team comes out flat to it's home opener. That's what the kids refer to as a 'fail'.

Here is an example. Flames have a PP. The PP ends, and coach junior is so...we don't know, panicked, that he sends another player out on the ice, and the team takes a too many men penalty. A too many men penalty at the end of a PP? For reals people. At least coach junior didn't use 3 defensemen on the PP.

We also got scored on off a face off. Coach junior, -2.

The team seems to lack speed. The fastest guy looked to be Glencross, but Glencross didn't look that fast compared to the Penguins players. Glencross is a fast skater compared to the rest of the Flames, but there are other fast skaters in this league on other teams, and because the Flames only have one guy with speed, Glencross can be neutralized. The rest of the team is slow and plodding. When you add in the bad coaching, you can see why the team has problems gaining the offensive zone for long enough to set up a play.

Speaking of setting up the play, Iggy getting the puck on his stick in the neutral zone is stupid. Iggy should be ending plays, not having them run through him. At this point, Iggy represents a shot. That's about it. He should be used like it. He should be setting up in a spot, and the rest of the team should be running a play to get Iggy the puck. As it is now, the team seems to be getting the puck to Iggy in the neutral zone, and then Iggy is carrying the puck into the offensive zone. Well, that is stupid, because it essentially means that Iggy will need to pass the puck or risk giving it away, and nobody on the team has near the offensive ability as Iggy does.

The team seems to be dumb. They seem to improvising in the offensive zone, and they just aren't smart/confident/poised enough to have success doing that.

Again, poor coaching.

The other thing is the Flames breakout play needs to be freshened up. The D getting the puck to a forward sitting on the boards in the neutral zone is one that every team in the league knows the Flames run, and because of that, that play was broken up numerous times by the Penguins.

The goal song is terrible. As long as they use it, we are considering calling the Flames the Calgary Barba Streisands.

Anyways, we have other shit to do today, so we will leave it at that. Oh wait...if the NHL turns into the No Hit League, we won't watch. That's what we wanted to say. There were like two body checks thrown the entire game, and the one good one that Sarich threw, they gave him a penalty on. It was stupid. No hit hockey is extremely boring, and the league should be careful. Because, honestly, if the league turns into no hit, well, we can go to the local rink and watch a shiny game, hell, play in a shiny game. It's more fun than watching a No Hit League.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. I'm happy for the positive spin being brought forth here at Domebeers but I'd just like to point out that last night confirmed to me that this year is going to be painful. Sheesh.

  2. The entire coaching staff needs to be sacked. Defensive plays were terrible. They did this last year too: They keep backing in until they cede half the offensive zone. Is that really some sort of strategy??

    No outlet passes. Bouwmeester is incredibly soft. Butler was brutal.

    This is going to be a looong year.

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