Friday, October 28, 2011


This may be something, it may be nothing, but we thought it was at least a little notable.

Edmonton did it's thang, (and the best part of Edmontons thang is they are paying Katz $20 million dollars to...keep the word Edmonton in the teams name, or something) and people are rightly interested in whether or not something like that is going to take place here.

Something like that being an euphemism for using tax dollars to build an arena. And while we personally think that is a better use of tax dollars than green garbage bins or tacky bridges, that still doesn't make it a candidate for the prudent use of tax dollars.

Anyways, on Global News they ran a story about the Edmonton deal, and then talked about it's implications as it pertains to Calgary. Interviewed in this story was Ald. Brian Pincott. Mr. Pincott said that the Flames had not approached city council about an arena.

We thought this was an odd statement, because Ken King has always implied that the lines of communication between him and the relevant powers were open when it came to a stadium deal.

So we sent Mr. Pincott an email, and asked him what the what up was. He responded: "Anyway, yes, in my 4 years on Council, a new arena has never been raised or mentioned (officially). As far as I know, the Flames organization has not approached Council. Now, they may have floated desires (and I am sure they have them) for city land to someone in administration, but not high enough up the ladder that it would ever have been discussed at Council. Sure, we all know that the Flames want a new building, and yes, we all know that they will, at some point, be coming to the City to ask for either money or land or both, and we all know that now that the City of Edmonton has reached a deal for their arena the pressure will most definitely be on us to do something. And, I don't think there is very much, if any, support for that at Council. Certainly not from me."

SIC on everything.

First off, we must say we are glad to hear that Mr. Pincott doesn't support the idea of using city dollars to build Murray Edwards an arena that Murray Edwards can afford to build himself.

Second, we think this means that they, the Flames, may not be looking at the city of Calgary per se for funding. We think they are going to try and secure it through the Stampede Board.

And who is on the Stampede Board? From the website:
1 Government Representative of the Province of Alberta (who shall be a member of the Legislative Assembly)
20 Members elected by shareholders of the company (Up to 4) Members appointed by the Board
up to 3 Members of Council, consisting of the Mayor and 2 Aldermen
1 Government Representative of the Government of Canada

See? Because it is such a clusterfuck of interests, nobody gets the blame put squarely on them if the have to make the unpopular decision to fund a new arena, and the body is so large that people who need to vote against the proposal for political reasons still could. It's pretty cool.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. The Flames can't really approach the City for money. Downtown Edmonton is a shithole. It makes sense for YEG to kick in some money (although by no means as much as they have agreed to). In Calgary, the plan is to keep a new building in a similar area and the revitalization aspect isn't applicable. If Calgary gives one cent to the Flames it is a huge mistake.

    Moving from the hood to a dead or dying downtown as a shot in the arm makes some sense. To keep it in pretty much the same place but give the owners a new building is not a "City" responsibility. If the Stampede wants to kick in that might be different but i still cant see

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