Sunday, October 16, 2011

Iggy -2 Dion +3

Fuck. You know what? Fuck it.

Be better, Calgary.

That's it, that's all. It isn't hard. There is no magic to this.

From the Godfathers work at FN: Scoring Chance Porn!


First Line: +for -against

Tanguay: +6 -7 (15:54 TOI)
Moss: +4  -7 (14:10)
Elvis: +7 -9 (17:26)

Overall:  -6

Second Line:

Glencross: +7 -1 (12:42)
Stempniak: +7 -1 (13:51)

Overall: +18

What the fuck is that? Phil Kessel, Bozak and Lupul beat the shit out of a line with a Hall of Fame RW on it, and a skilled francophone LW. We don't care who the centre is.

Now, the ~5 minutes of ice time that Iggy has over the rest of the field isn't nothing, but he has to be better. He did get 4 shots on goal; the PP was terrible. Who knows.

If you want our two cents, it's the scheme. Jarome should never touch the puck (unless he is just being used as a pass outlet) until he is in the offensive zone. What is this shit where he carries the puck across the blueline? It's stupid. Even if he gets the puck over, you are then asking him to either pass the puck to a teammate and get open for a shot, or to beat the defense himself and then beat the goalie. If the goal is the former, why the fuck are you asking Iggy to make a pass when you have Tanguay on that line who is paid to pass the puck?

Let the centre carry the puck across the blueline. If that means the Flames have to change the way they leave their zone, so be it. Centre should be taking the puck in, or Tanguay should, but the whoever it is, the whole point should be to get the puck to Jarome in a spot Jarome has a high scoring percentage from. If that means the coach is going to have to implement some discipline on the team when it comes to offense, so be it.

The problem with that strategy, though, is it asks a lot from the centre. So either they put Joker on the top line and try it yet again, which makes us all cringe, or they go out and get a more skilled guy (unless you think Morrison is the answer, of course). Good luck with the latter option, and there is probably no appetite for the former.

Jarome is going to have to play better, then. Four games and one point is not going to cut it (slow starter or not) on a team built around his scoring.

Furthermore, I think the Goal Song should be fired.


  1. They've needed a new way to enter the zone for 5 goddamn years. I have no idea how they've gone through so many coach/player changes and have never been able to implement an effective breakout.

    You can't just start to break out of your zone and then double back and drop it for the defenseman behind you every goddamn time. I will be interested to see what happens when Backlund gets back. Swedes, you know?


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