Monday, October 10, 2011

If We Put As Much Effort Into Watching The Flames As They Did Playing The Games We Would Have Missed Every Game This Year

First, we were going to use some hit stats to illustrate the lack of effort, but then we discovered that whoever keeps track of those stats likes his mescaline.

Not to worry though. We will use 'Shots For/Shots Against' instead.

According to the NHL, the Flames have a paltry 37 shots for, and have given up 72 shots against. As much as we all think the Flames suck, and as much as we realize there is not necessarily a correlation between payroll and performance, there is no way in hell that a $62 million dollar hockey team produces that ratio of shots for/shots against based on talent alone. (We desperately hope.)

The reason a team would put up a ratio like that, or rather, what a ratio like that indicates, is a lack of effort on behalf of the Country Club.

Some perspective:

Last place. Dead fucking last.

Now, either the Flames are the least talented team in the league, or they are half-assing their way through the start of the season.

The Flames are bums. QED.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. I could see this coming since July. I suppose the only question remaining for me is: how bad is Kerr?

  2. He's as bad as you expected.

  3. Honestly, I think he is better than Loubardias. I know that isn't saying much. But my word, he provides no energy to the broadcast, and the boys are boring to watch anyways, so it is not great.

    Fuck guys, if I have to stay negative the whole damn year I am going to shit. Somebody needs to wake the boys up, or start the rebuild. At least watching losing hockey when there is the carrot of a rebuild is tolerable. Watching a losing hockey team lose for no reason other than to sell tickets is giving me an ulcer.

  4. How the fuck did they get only two SOG in the third period against the Blues?


  5. Yeah DB,

    I knew coming into the season, that talent-wise, this Club left much to be desired, but the utter fucking lack of effort is very disconcerting. Edwards may as well just turn the Saddledome into a Speakeasy and provide free booze, blow and hookers for the Season ticket holders than pay out 62 million to this sad sack of "professionals".

    I am dead fucking serious proposing this...crunch the numbers.

    Badger Bob is rolling in his grave.


  6. Change the girls, bro, its been like a month

  7. Best Stat:
    2 games played!
    Why should they play hard, a couple of them went to the finals like 7 years ago!

  8. How about the fact they are in last place by 20%. That's fucking priceless. But expect these guys to make an effort when the organization made absolutely no effort in replacing Daz. I've said it all along and will keep saying it...what kind of message do you think hiring The Feast sent to the players? Here let me help you guys out...we absolutely don't give a fuck about this team's success. Remember when Tampa Bay hired Barry Melrose...that's where we're at right now. Unfortunately there is no Stamkos on our roster for The Feast to pick on.

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