Monday, October 31, 2011

Hazing Allegations Rock The Flames


Calgary ( - The parents of a 27-year-old hockey player at the centre of a hazing scandal say the man was forced to skate hard, fore-check, back-check, and be responsible with the puck.

On Tuesday, the National Hockey League was not considering suspending coaches on the Calgary Flames for hazing incidents involving Matt Stajan.

The father of the grown man says his son was amongst several players forced to run defensive drills at a brisk pace. These drills also reportedly included contact.

Reportedly, several drills involving vision and puck possession were also conducted. Whenever Matt Stajan failed to run the drill to satisfaction, he was allegedly forced to run the drill again.

"They had what they are calling a 'practice," The elder Stajan said. "They were encouraged to move their feet and be physical, and the vets and coaches would judge them on that."

Relating another incident, Stajan's father said his son was asked to do at least three laps around the rink at high speed while carrying a puck on his stick. His son was judged on the effort he put into running the drills at the 'practice', he said.

This story was later confirmed by Jay Bouwmeester.

"Well, yeah, I mean, I just remember it being so hard when I had to go through that," quietly mumbled a genuflecting Bouwmeester. "I just don't think people understand, you know? What being asked to not turn the puck over will do to your psyche. They don't understand."

Matt Stajan's father shared similar sentiments.

"It's so wrong," Stajan's father said, adding he hopes speaking out on the matter might help prevent future hazing incidents. "I didn't think this type of juvenile barbarism was around anymore. I just can't believe that it (practice) still happens in this day and age."

Stajan told his dad that Coach Sutter was at the rink during the incident.

"I couldn't believe it," Stajan's father said. "He's a person in authority."

"It's bad enough he sends Rich Hesketh out to abuse little Matty during the offseason; checking up on him, weighing him. Now he is terrorizing him at the rink?"

After Stajan complained about the incident he was forced to apologize to his team for coming forward, Stajan's father said.

"He felt his career was in jeopardy." he said. "They have put him in the press box because of this."

Stajan has been in the press box following the incident and may be hoping to be moved to another team.

"That's more than the punishment for some of the other players who had to endure practice," Stajan's father said. "The difference is my boy complained."

When reached for comment, Matt Stajan did not seem to be backing off his allegations.

"It was gross. They made me skate up the ice real fast, and then back down the other way. For almost, like, 15 minutes. I was sweating. Do you know what that is like? To sweat? It's disgusting. It was terrible."

Flames brass have yet to respond to the allegations, although one member of the team did offer comment.

"Matt Stajan sucks." offered Harvey The Hound.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


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