Monday, October 17, 2011

The Birth Of A Hemorrhoid

You know those pictures that are on the flanks of the Calgary Flames website?

J Blow has one. It's pretty good.

This is the face Bouwmeester makes when he is pretending to be a meanie-head (
Mix in a laxative, bro. Also a body check.

The Garrioch article creating some buzz.

This could be something, who knows, but to us it seems pretty meh inducing. The article says that Feaster wants to trade players, the players being Joker, Stajan, Hagman, & Moss. (Moss is a defenseman in the article, which is cute.)

It's meh inducing because all of those players, besides Stajan, are on the last year of a contract. If the team doesn't have a real good chance of doing anything this year, it makes sense to look to move them for some assets. Stajan is a puke inducing pussy, so that one makes sense as well.

What is a little interesting is that Feaster told everyone who would listen, chest puffed out and all that, that his club was going to make the playoffs as a high seed, and challenge for the division. We don't see how this club does that if it trades off Joker, Stajan, Hagman & Moss. Regardless of how you feel about those players, they are all NHLers, can at least play 10 minutes a night, and therefore losing them from the roster is going to make the team less competitive.

Making the team less competitive seems to jar against the mission goal of making the playoffs (which even comes with the Feaster guarantee).

It seems odd. Why would Feaster be leaking this type of stuff four games into the season? Is he just too loud (ie he is speaking to people he shouldn't be?) or is Garrioch just trying to make copy?

The last thought we have on it, if it is indeed true, means that despite what Feaster says, if the team is outside the playoff hunt, he may embrace reality, his own guarantee be damned, and trade assets we wouldn't need. Which would be very interesting. Time will tell, we guess.

***Big Fat Update***

Book Of Loob hit this already. His has the words "this toe with eyes" when referring to Garrioch. It's pretty good.

Also, Kent's talking about how Coach Junior is being, well, Coach Junior.

Furthermore, I think the Goal Song should be fired.


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