Thursday, October 20, 2011

Avenge Matt Stajan

Well, Staal will not be in the lineup. So who, Calgary Flames fan, should the Flames make a target? Hmm...who, oh who, on the Rangers could possibly satisfy the blood lust?

Brad Richards? He chose the Rangers over the Flames little marketing gimmick. Do you think rubbing his face into the boards a few times will make it up to Stajan? Probably not, it seems to be lacking some sizzle.

Should the team target former Flame and general winner-at-life Brandon Prust? Perish the thought, Dombeer-aholics. That boy has super models to get too. Also, we are pretty sure Prust could beat up every single player on the Flames roster, so...

Shit, we know who they should destroy physically in retribution for Staal destroying Stajan! Tim Erixon! You know, the kid Darryl drafted even though he was told he wasn't going to sign. The kid left not signed for at least a year after getting drafted, the kid who punked the Flames by orchestrating his own trade to the New York Rangers. You know that guy?

We wonder if Leblond knows Tim Erixon? We do hope Coach Sutter does everything in his power to get the two an introduction.

Otherwise, J Blow could always decide to do something to actually earn the 'A' on his chest and crush a Ranger, but that is probably as likely as an 'Occupy Wall Street' protester being able to give you a coherent economic policy prescription.

Flames need this win. Their next game is against the Preds in an afternoon tilt, so you can already chalk that 'L' up on the board. If the Flames lose this game, they are back into 'losing streak' mode (hey we have something in common with the team!), which would give them several losing streaks against no win streaks. Already, in like game six.

Bodog has the Flames favoured to win. The Rangers are in the midst of a seven game road trip that started off on in the old world. They have lost to every team they have played this year except the Canucks, who they just destroyed.

If you were betting the house, we'd probably bet the Rangers. Flames barely beat the Oilers last time out, and King Henry is just a tad bit better than Dubnyk. But because we have our coke debts paid in full and do not need to wager the house, we will put our meagre $20 on the Flames to win.

Might as well give this team a chance to prove itself, at least until game 20.

Furthermore, we think we can't demand a pink slip for Rob Kerr after we got the scalp of Loubardias. It would make us look miserably greedy. Touche, Mr. King. Touche.


  1. Ahh Sugarfists. Welcome back.

    I still have no idea why I can't post comments with my Google ID. I've tried it all DB. This is the only site it doesn't work at. I'm depriving everyone of the chance to leer at my sweet Oilers Jofa.

  2. Jokinen said that JBlowsChunks screamed "louder than he's ever hard" after his goal, but in fact he just saw a spider.

  3. I would clear your cache...thats what the people at google keep telling me. Who knows. I should man up and just switch platforms.

    To ChangeTheGirlGuy, it only took me a month but change we can believe in is here

    To anon: Nice.

  4. You sure you have a job DB?

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