Friday, September 9, 2011

Nothing Week Comes To An End

We must apologize, Domebeer-aholics. We produced shit this week. Sorries.

We will be better next week, whether we have new news to peruse or not.

We are thinking maybe some predictions, maybe a season preview, something along those lines. Hopefully it will be absurd. Like the Reggie trade.

Any other news that maybe we should get to? Well, the only thing that sorta fits the bill is the potential death of the Vipers. It's probably premature, but the speculation is certainly there. We wonder if the Calgary Flames continue their tradition of saving sporting franchises that 5,000 people or less go to, like they did with the Roughnecks, and step up to the plate on this one. Could be a potential home run.

The Oilers? They bought Edmontons baseball team. Do the Flames want to lose a pissing match to the Oilers? Does Murray Edwards want to get out rich guyed by Katz? We shall see.

Other than that, we see we still have not traded for Weber. Odd.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. What's with the gratuitous shot at the Roughnecks? In the interests of fact based analysis - the announced attendance at Roughnecks games has never been below 8,000 since 2004 and was usually in the 10,000 range. While this was probably inflated, I strongly doubt that the attendance at any Roughnecks game was ever 5,000 or less.

    In any event, it was a smart business decision by the Flames. They keep 8 dates in their building, they get all the parking and concessions (I have heard unsubstantiated reports that Roughnecks beer sales are 3X higher per attendee than Flames games) and a big heaping of goodwill. The Roughnecks are a pretty well positioned NLL team in that they have a significant number of players that live in the area, reducing the travel expenses of flying guys in each week. I strongly doubt that the Flames lose money on that deal.


  2. I had a great comment but shit ass blogger bounced it and it's gone. I'm far too lazy to retype it.

  3. The Flames got all the concessions and parking BEFORE they bought the team. They also got rent for the 8 dates. They can still make money on the team because the bled Bannister dry before taking it for a song.

  4. So who won the RTPIC?

  5. Look I like the 'Necks, but if they were as financially strong as Tach thinks, Bannister wouldnt have had to sell it, and the roughneck girls wouldnt be propositioning every old man they see wearing gold.


  6. 'Other than that, we see we still have not traded for Weber. Odd.'

    Or signed 'Teemu Selanne, bitches!'

    Whats Feaster doing?

  7. I've seen so much around this town that makes me 100% certain that the Vipers will never make it in this town. There's just no history of baseball in Calgary and that sucks.

    The Vipers are awesome because your ticket costs as much as your beer. You can either show up with a few buds and get Ed Belfour drunk or take your kids or grand kids out to the park to spend time with them before you die/they hate you. And the crowds are usually small enough that if you're in either one of those categories, you have enough space to separate yourself from the other one.

    Oh yeah, and it's decent baseball. Nowhere near as good as the Majors and YOU CAN TELL, but if you can't be entertained by it, maybe you're just not a sports fan.

    God I hope they survive. I don't want to have to drive to Okotoks ever.

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