Tuesday, September 27, 2011

DB Out With Back Spasm's

Ha. Yeah right. Back spasm? More like "it's 20 in September in Calgary and we are getting our Iginla on and skipping work to go golf" asms.

We will try to make this week not a complete write off. Actually, while we are here, here is what we are thinking about, vis a vis the Flames.

- Brent Sutter is on the last year of his contract. In almost every other real sports market, this would be a topic of discussion. We understand the people covering this team like to keep the working atmosphere very genteel, but to not even touch on the subject is a bit much. Ken King hasn't given them the permission to start talking about it, we guess.

- Speaking of the coach, what does it say about him, the team, the situation, that he isn't even agitating for a new contract, and he didn't quit he wasn't extended with only a year left? Our own opinion on the matter is that it isn't a good thing to be going into the season with a lame duck coach, especially with this team, which is known for killing it's coaches. This being the 'Season of Treading Water', we guess the team doesn't want to rock the boat.

- We don't know, gang. We haven't been this unexcited for a season in a while. It's the whole 'make the playoffs' mantra the team is going with. The goal of a team, especially on that is sold out every night, and has the financial wherewithal to spend to the cap, should be to win the Stanley Cup. To have the teams goal to be simply to make the playoffs because the front office looked at the roster, sighed, and decided not to undergo some radical surge but rather plug ahead with the guys they got but clearly do not believe in is a travesty. If the team was awful, that would be one thing. This year, the goal of the Oilers is make the playoffs. Because they are terrible. But us? We are just mediocre, and almost by design, and it's just bad, and it's just sad that the team that was perennially talking about winning the Stanley Cup has been reduced by it's own mismanagement to trying to make the playoffs. The team can try to hide the mess it has created behind some faux tough guy rhetoric out of Feaster and King all it wants, but bullshit is bullshit.

- Tits!

- Quick look at the roster for tonights pre-season clash of the titans, and looky here, Steve Staios is back in town. It would be really awful if some puck bunny was to give that guy herpes as a welcome back present. It would just be terrible.

- Stories we know nothing about: Twitter was going twitter over some story some guy wrote about Toronto being a bad sports city. We do not understand this at all. Like, we were not aware that this was even under dispute. Toronto is a terrible sports city. It's obvious. The Jays were getting less people at their home finale than a pre-season hockey game, to provide an example. We are sure someone will clue us into just why Toronto isn't a terrible sports city (they sell tickets to the Raptors? Does that count?). And just to add: soccer sucks.

- Avery is gay. He is. Anyone who rats on what an opponent called them on the ice is gay? In fact, it's gay city, dude. Honestly, the players are telling the media about smack talk on the ice, hits are being made illegal, and there is the liberal arts wing of hockey fandom is out to get fighting outlawed. Pretty soon we will all be watching ringette.

- Riders still suck.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


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