Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Class It Up, Calgary

Some things we want to see next year from the Calgary Flames:

Moments Of Silence:

For Hotchkiss, McCrimmon, and Belak. Should be obvious.


For Hotchkiss for sure. We would also do one for McCrimmon, as he was a captain of the Flames, and a Stanley Cup winner with the Flames. Video tributes, etc.

Jersey Patches:

This is again, obvious. It is so obvious we will be very disappointed if the organization does not do it. A little patch with 'HH' embroidered on it should be on the jersey all year.

Besides being the classy thing to do, it would also create another storyline for the players, media, and fans to grab onto during the season. Win it for Harley, and all that jazz.



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