Thursday, August 25, 2011

Who Wants To Tell Our Luddite Asses What Hank Tweeted?

Alternative title: Hank Shows His Weiner.

Didn't see it ourselves, but we heard it had to do with oral sex. Oh! Scandal!

Anyways, sourced from the Riders forum.

OK ya'll, we support the Stamps as much as anyone, but we really are not sold on the whole 'My account was hacked' thang the organization is trotting out in defence of Hank. We mean, sure, maybe it was. Or maybe Hank fucked up trying to send a 'Direct Message' to someone. Or maybe his bra buddy got hold of the phone. Or maybe...right? But a hack? Hmm...we don't know about that.

It doesn't help that almost everyone else who has used the 'My account was hacked' card turned out to not be telling the truth. Darren Rovell, twitter guru, once wrote that because of all the wolf crying, even if someone does hack your account, nobody will believe you. We think he is right. It might not be fair, but it is what it is.

We have our paranoid suspicions. Let's say Hank's twitter was hacked. What does that even mean, brah? Most likely, it means that someone was able to log into Hanks twitter because they knew or guessed his password. Well...ok then. So let's say we get into Hank's account. Wouldn't we change the password so that we could continue to access Hanks account? Wouldn't we change the password so that Hank couldn't log back on to his account like a minute later? After all, the tweet that was sent out can be viewed to be of a malicious nature. Why would someone who had bad intentions, who wanted to hurt Hanks reputation, go through all the trouble to get access to the account and then not bother to change Hanks password so as to take over the account?

It's a lot fishy to us. Cards on the table moment: We would be more inclined to believe Hank if we didn't hear all the stories about him around town.

The real story here, though, is so what? Assume with me that Hank is not being truthful, and he really did send out the tweet or re-tweeted some tweet. So what?

It affects Hank, maybe. His market presence and that may take a hit, although he has so much goodwill built up in the city that we doubt it would affect him that much. Hell, it may even endear him to certain segments of the population. Namely people who like blow jobs.

Maybe it pissed his wife off. That would be the real damage if there is any. That is his and his wife's thang though.

Oh yeah, the children...

This seems to us to be the classic case of the appearance of scandal, or the cover up, being worst than the alleged crime itself. But fuck it, if you saw the tweet, do share.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. BJ on Twitter...

    At least that explains the perpetual fucking Smile on his face.

  2. In the words of my 72 year old grandma: "Burris isn't as nice as he wants everyone to think he is."