Thursday, August 4, 2011

Very Roughly

Our favourite way of doing it. Calculations, we mean.

So, quick and dirty, capgeek has the team shedding $22.7 million dollars in salary at the end of this upcoming season. Sounds like a lot. The reason the team has so much salary coming off the books, though, is because the team will see ten players currently under contract reach UFA status, and two more players will reach RFA status. Which is a big chunk of the roster to have to replace.

The team will still have five forwards under contract, so by our math that means they need to add eight more to get to thirteen. On the blueline, the team will still have five players under contract, so again, they will probably look to add two more defensemen. Ten spots will need to be filled.

$22,700,000/10 = $2,270,000 available to spend per player.

This is being brought up, of course, because that same offseason will most likely see Suter hit the free agent market. Could the Flames afford to bring him in? Or should the Flames look to spend their money on forwards?

Let's get rough. Say we add Suter. We double his salary to sign him, making him a $7 million dollar cap number. 22,700,000-7,000,000 = 15,700,000/9 = $1,744,445 available to spend per player.

Rougher still, lets add some good forwards as well. How much would it cost to bring Moss back? How much would it cost to add Grabovski? Hemsky, Hudler, or a Penner? A Parise, or a Semin?

Lets say to bring back Moss or replace him with Grabovski it will cost $2.5 -$3.5 million dollars. The law firm of Hemsky, Hudler, & Penner probably cost $4 - $5 million dollars per partner, and Parise or Semin go for $6.5 - $7.5 million.

The money is running out pretty quickly, and there are still roster spots to be filled.

With the wings on this team still under contract, the team needs to add centres. Stajan is here, nobody likes it but it is what it is, and Backlund will get resigned, lets say for $2 million. $15,700,000-2,000,000 = $13,700,000 / 8 = $1,712,500 per player left to spend.

Let's say the club adds a centre for $3 million. $10,700,000 will be left for seven players. One more blueliner and six more forwards.

Assuming TJ Brodie makes the club, that other blueliner comes in at $750,000. Six more forwards to sign, $9,950,000 left to do it. Lets add three expensive scrubs at $750,000 per. That would cost $2,250,000 which would leave the club left with 7,700,000 for three forwards, or $2,566,667 per roster spot will be available to spend. Probably enough cap room there to add another player at $4 million dollars, and two more at $1.5 million, which leaves very little breathing room, but the assumption here is that the cap will go up, and the breathing room can come from there.

So, the point? The team will probably need to overpay to get free agents. It can probably afford to overpay one big ticket guy (the $7 million hit, Suter, Parise, Weber, whoever, although the teams need appears to be on the blueline to us), overpay another second tier guy, and then even overpay the lower tier guys.

The only problem with this scenario is that the money will be in the hands of the teams management, King and, to a lesser degree, Feaster (the polite fiction of Feaster as GM needs to end. He had to ask permission from King to sign the first rounder). We don't have any confidence they can get it right, and mountains of confidence that they can and will get it wrong.

We would allow those two to run out this season, and then we would fire them. We would do that for another reason besides their ability to poorly run a franchise. With $22.7 million in cap space and all those roster spots available to fill, the team will be in a position where it might look attractive to an up and coming GM type. The team will probably not have a better chance to land a serious GM. And with the team pining for a new building, it would also be a good time (for the team) to look to add a President with a little more political heft. We would look to recruit Jim Dinning, but that's because we are big thinkers. (Note: We don't want the public to have to pay for a new don't hire Jim Dinning).

Anyways, team retooled. Hope, and you only have to live through one more season of expensive mediocreness. Sick as fuck.

We have not changed the girls in like three weeks. Our apologies. Who wants to get sexist up in this bitch?

This is from, apparently.
Nice...jersey. They should bring those back, by the way.

Furthermore I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. DB,

    Shouldn't she have a hockey stick positioned somewhere to complete the pose?

    Seriously, though, you could give K-Squared and his Sock Puppet 50 million in cap space and they would find a way to fuck it we are seeing with most of our politicians, incompetent fools will always piss away whatever you give them, money or otherwise.
    I still stand by my argument that with the Flames current upper management (incl. Button & Hesketh), this team is going nowhere...that makes me more depressed than anything. Once these jackals are gone, then the healing can begin and the Flames can legitimately attempt to reclaim their late 80s glory.
    Until then, just sit back, pop some Xanax and enjoy the smooth delivery of Rob Kerr and Charlie Simmer.

  2. Rob Kerr. HA! I can hardly wait for him to lose his shit for the first fight he gets to call on TV. He will, of course, be over the top but without the inherent charm of a Rick Jeanneret.

    At least he has the face for TV . . . wait a minute.

    DB why are the comments so fucked up? I'm signed in but I have to input my name and website in order to have something show up and my avatar is nowhere to be found. It appears to be a problem on your site but other blogger ones are OK.


  3. What's her cap hit?

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