Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sports Magic Breaking Out All Over This Hizzy

Before we begin, class, we would like to take a moment just to reflect on how the change in management over at the Blue Jays was the essential catalyst for this whole 'Oh my fucking God! Is that fucking hope hanging around our franchise?' thang that the people are feeling. Weird, huh? How getting rid of bad management, J.P. Ricciardi, a man who was given ample time to implement his vision, and had failed, and bringing in fresh, new management, would invigorate a franchise so? Or how about the weirdness that was the new managements idea to not bring in the same team that had got the previous regime fired?

Anyways, we digress. Why the fuck are we talking Blue Jays after that glorious beatdown of the Riders in their house? Because, as the title alluded too, Sports Magic! Motherfuckers!

His first AB back home, and that one is outta here. Goosebumps, people, goosebumps.

(Hey, what is the Blue Jays closer doing out there on the mound in the second inning?)


Also...Ugh. If the Cubs don't sign Pujols or Fielder, this could be the final straw.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.