Monday, August 29, 2011

So Langkow Got Traded


(We are hearing Stempniak but who knows, also heard draft pick.)

Quick speculation: We are of two minds on this. If Langkow can't play, and we managed to get him off the roster before that made itself apparent, then it is probably a good trade, depending on what we get back. If he can play, then the Flames just traded a big trade deadline chip for who knows what.

Oh shit, looks like Stajan is still on the roster.

Anyways, we are not so sure if Feaster has a grasp on this 'trade players' thang. Generally, you try to keep your cool players and trade out the piece of shit players. Reggie and Langkow, cool players, find themselves on the outs, while pieces of shit like JBlowsover, and Matt 'Faboulos' Stajan remain on the roster. Weird.

We are not near drunk enough to offer the proper analysis on this move, especially considering we don't know what the fuck we got back. Come back tomorrow when we know. Fuck, and we wanted to run the Harvey the Hound drug expose tomorrow. Fuck! You! Ken/Jay! King/Feaster!

So yeah, re-trenching for Weber. Or it better be.

It would be hilarious if Langkow failed his physical at this point...

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.