Saturday, August 20, 2011

Everyone Point And Laugh At Edmonton| Marshall Canned| Cubs/Flames Management

Ok folks, you know what is really, really funny? The Edmonton Eskimos getting crushed by the B.C. Lions 36 - 1 at home. It's funny for all the obvious reasons, the exposing of the Eskimos as the fakest 5 - 3 team seen in a while, the fact that the Eskimos played with no heart or passion in front of their own fans, etc.

What we find most...special...about this situation, however, is this: The margin of victory for the B.C. Lions was 35 points, which is exactly the number of murders (well, 36 if you count last nights game) that have happened in Edmonton this year! Does the universe (or Wally Buono) have a sense of humour or what?

(As an aside, we know they call the hovel up there the 'City Of Champions', but people, that refers to sporting events, not national crime statistics. 35? Give it a rest, will ya?)

Greg Marshall got fired? Who knew his job was on the line when he played Calgary, eh?

The thing about this is that there have been some voices in the media who are trying to peddle the story that this was an unfair firing, that Marshall deserved better, that their media tummies are hurting or some shit. It's stupid.

Everyone knew this cat had to win the game against Calgary. Everyone. And not to shock anybody out there, but 'Everyone' included the players on the Roughriders. The same players who came out in the first half of that Calgary game and just rolled over.

The fault for the shit isn't only on Marshall, but to pretend he isn't a factor in it is silly. The players wanted his ass gone. We know because we watched how they played for him. In the second half, with the assistant coaches going crazy and the looming possibility that they (the Roughriders) might get blown out by 100 points, the players started to play. That's a 'we are playing for ourselves' thang, and a giant neon sign that the coach has lost the team. So please, spare us the 'this is so unfair' garbage.

On the other hand, firing Marshall alone probably isn't as deep a cut as the team needs to make. We love how they brought back Ken Miller. His old ass wasn't good enough at the start of the season, but now he is going to be the great panacea? Sorry, no. But lets look at who made the decision, GM Taman. This guy is the guy who needs to get his ass canned. Brought in a shitty coaching staff the players didn't buy in to, and on top of that, didn't do all the scouting he was required to do to find players. Taman is very obviously waiting for the NFL cuts which came late this year to find players. Which is lazy, and lazy GM's usually don't work out. Of course, he likes his job, so Marshall goes and Taman stays. Hilarious, really.

Speaking of GM's who are terrible at their jobs losing them, Jim Hendry has received his walking papers. Ohfuckyesohfuckyes! His sins are going to sound familiar to people around these parts. Hendry gave away contracts that were too rich and had too many years to players he should not have, and on top of that often gave No Trade Clauses as well. That shit can really freeze a teams ability to adapt and compete, eh? He also suffered from the sin of not being able to judge his own talent for what it was, relying on the broken arms of Prior and Wood far too long, dreaming that they would return to health.

But Hendry also suffered from a symptom that Jay Feaster is no doubt suffering from right now: a team President who thinks he should be the teams GM. In the Flames case, it is Ken King who is the overreacher-in-chief, and in Hendry's case it was Cubs President Crane Kenney.

We want to point something out though. The media in Calgary never points out, or highlights, the fucked upness of the situation here. Nobody in the MSM even thought to question why the GM of the team had to go to the President to get permission to sign the teams first round draft pick to an entry level contract. Which tells you all you need to know about the media in this city. In Chicago, it is a little different.

From the Chicago Herald-News:

 "Then there’s the 190-pound clown in the room that is team president Crane Kenney. To hear Ricketts talk about Kenney doing a “good job’’ running the business end of things for the organization was one of those throw-up-in-your-mouth moments."

Holy shit. Both barrels and blast. You think anybody in the MSM in Calgary has the guts to say something like that? They might lose their dinners with Kenny!

"Kenney is a laughing stock around the league. His very ­presence cheapens the value of the GM position for the Cubs."

And that is what it is, on the reals. Ken Kings presence cheapens the value of the GM position for the Flames, the same way Kenney does for the Cubs. Which is why when the Flames need to hire a GM, they have to hire a guy like Feaster.

"Add some goofball suit sitting in on meetings he has no business sitting in on, and good luck landing the likes of an Andrew Friedman from Tampa Bay."

Exactly. Fucking exactly. Flames have shitty management because they have shitty management. Real managers don't like being micromanaged by a suit, and because they are 'real', and not mediocre, they have the ability to pick their jobs. Which, again, is why we are stuck with Feaster.

""When I talk to a candidate, he must share a commitment to player development,’’ Ricketts said, “and someone from a winning culture who can bring that.’’
Obviously, he must also like animal balloons, squirting flowers and big red shoes, as long as Kenney is around."

Again, nobody in Calgary could write that, because Ken King would throw them out of the locker room. It's a shame.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias Ken King should be fired.


  1. DB,

    That was one of the best MSM articles that I have read in awhile. Vickie Hall would sooner crap her pants than write something half as honest or scathing about the Flames.

    I just don't get the Rasputin-like hold K-squared has over the Ownership Group, but then my Dad still hasn't figured out my Mom yet and they've been married 40 odd years.


  2. So I was listening to the morning show yesterday on the Fan to see if the #WalkerToWeekends hashtag was warrented. Anyways, he happened to interview Ron Tugnut who was recently named Hockey Canada's new goalie coach. But that wasn't the first topic of the interview. The exchange went something like this:

    Walker: Thanks for coming on the show. So we were talking the other day that you've got one of the best last names in sport (keep in mind the guy is in his 40's). What is it Russian or Jewish?

    Tugnut: Uh, Scoottish

  3. The guy doesnt even bother to prep for his interviews, eh? I know the google interface can be very confusing...

  4. I guess Bob O'Billovich wasn't available for the job?