Thursday, July 21, 2011

On Kerr As The New PBP Guy For The Flames

It's no secret we are no fan of Rob Kerr being installed as the PBP guy for the Flames. A few reasons why.

1. He is an apologist for the front office.

We started Dome Beers, or at least got the idea for Dome Beers, when the Flames were mired in that nine game losing streak a couple seasons ago. The radio crew at the time, Dean Molberg and Rob Kerr, basically ignored the losing streak. That pissed us off, and forever marked the two hosts as shills for the organization.

Now one of those hosts, Rob Kerr, apologists in chief for the Flames, who once grovelled for forgiveness in front of Glencross because Rhett Warrener questioned the wisdom of giving him trade protection, is going to be calling the Flames games.

If you thought Jay Bouwmeester enjoyed an easy ride in this city before...

2. He has little experience.

Peter Loubardias, who we were no fan of, had decades of experience calling hockey games before he was made the Flames PBP guy. Peter Loubardias has literally called hundreds of games, and paid his dues, before getting one of the 30 jobs calling PBP in the NHL.

Rob Kerr has no such experience. His main qualification for being made the Flames PBP guy seems to be his relationship with Ken King. Which speaks to our first point fairly well, we think.

3. Charlie Simmer.

Charlie Simmer, professionally, is terrible. Putting him alongside a rookie PBP guy is not a great move, in our opinion.

When Peter Loubardias was fired, it presented a great opportunity to SNET to get serious about their product and clean house. The PBP guy should be someone with a traditional voice (read: deep) and the colour guy should be someone with a connection to the team. A former player, for example. The current booth of Kerr and Simmer fail on both counts.

4. His voice.

We had a problem with Loubardias and his voice. Of course we are not thrilled with Kerr's.

5. It's greasy.

This may or may not be true, we have no idea as we don't work for SNET, but it just looks really greasy. Did Kerr get his job by power playing and getting his supposed friend Peter Loubardias ran out of town?

6. It speaks to SNET.

If SNET is serious about competing with TSN, they certainly are not showing it with this move. Instead of poaching an established PBP guy, they chose to go the local radio guy route.

7. He has no mastery of the moment.

Remember the first fight Rob Kerr called on the radio? It was memorable. Memorable doesn't speak to the call being good or bad, we are just saying it was a moment. You know what happened the next time a fight broke out, and Rob Kerr was allowed to call it? It was awful. He attempted to call the fight in the same high energy way he had done the first, but it was forced, so it came off really badly.

Hopefully Kerr has learned from that, and will call the game naturally.

Maybe it will work out, and the broadcast will be a good one. Flames PPV games, which Rob Kerr called, were not great to listen too, so we have our doubts.

Some advice, if we may, to Kerr.

Be a Homer, don't be a Bull-shitter.

If you want to know what a homer sounds like, go listen to a ChiSox broadcast. Hawk protects the players and the team, for sure, but he also calls them out when they play bad baseball, make stupid mistakes, etc. Peter Loubardias was a bull-shitter. And men smell the phony shit and it pisses them off. If the team can't get the puck out of their own end, say so. Don't sugar coat it. We all have watched enough hockey, we all have played enough hockey, to know what is going on. Don't lie to the audience because you want to please Ken King.

Let us hear the sounds of the game.

Peter Loubardias never shut up. He had an incessant need to hear his own voice, and would fill up every moment of silence with it. Kerr, please, don't do that. We want to hear the sounds of the skate on the ice, the slap of the stick, the crack of the body check. Remember, you are there to enhance the viewing experience, not drown it out.

Be unique.

Be your own man, Kerr. Don't try and copy Foster, like your predecessor. Please don't rip off Whalen lines. We will repeat it, but be natural.

Again, there is a pool waiting for us, it's 40 C out, and we are going to go speak bad Yiddish to Braun in a few hours. Out.

Furthermore, I think Ken King should be fired.


  1. We should have posted this too, but we missed it.

    On a level, we respect Rob Kerrs hustle. We do. But in a sentence, just don't bore us to death.

  2. I really think you are missing the point of regional broadcast PbP guys. They are almost always chosen or at least approved by the home team, in all sports.

    This is not a TSN of CBC national gig, it is basically 1/2 a step up from 2&7. You are not going to get an established PbP guy to take a regional job in Calgary. I doubt the position even pays 6 figures and they likely got Rob for cheaper because of his passion.

    I watch a lot of Centre Ice and Rob will be in the top 10 this season for knowledge, passion and ability of all regional PbP guys.

  3. This is a horrible hire. Horrible.

    Also, love your blog, but commenting is near impossible. Can't use my google account, have to submit like 3 times just to get Name/URL to work.

  4. Anon...

    SNET is telling me in press releases they are trying to compete with TSN. If they dont want me to hold them to that standard, then SNET should not be telling me to hold them to that standard.

    I got an email from a reader and it was very good. I am going to reproduce it here:

    What you could have added regarding Rob Kerr is:
    . any man who can use the noun 'I' 6 times or more in a spoken sentence is egotistical
    . any man who utilizes the phrase ' friend..." to mean goodbye, is friendless
    . any man who ravages players while never ravaging the coachs or management is unprincipled
    . any man who relishes harrying players on orders is exhibiting schadenfreude
    . any man who thinks that he is owed because he is him is solipsistic

    Well said.

  5. I also want to acknowledge that Rob Kerr is great in the community, helps kids with disabilities, all that. Which is great, and means Rob Kerr has a heart of gold. But I fail to understand how that qualifies him to be a PBP guy.

  6. K Squared sure knows how to keep pissing off Flames fans. As much as Feaster was a fail, so is this hire. I like Rob as person, as I've met him on many occasion, and wish him well...but I just don't think he's the guy to do PBP for the Flames. The cronyism that K Squared has established in the org is out of control. And what pisses me off is how predictable all this shit hirings are. The Feaster hire was predictable and so was this. And they both are subpar and both guys are unqualified. I mean I stopped getting emotional when they hired that clown Weisbrod, so this news has hit me with little emotional indifference. But still...I'm going to keep following this team...bu following the Flames next year is going to be super difficult seeing Kerr and Feast chum up to each other on TV on a nightly basis.

    Once again Domebeers thanks for saying it how it is. Appreciate the brutal honesty. I wanted Daz fired real bad but Feaster was the last guy I wanted to replace place him. Same goes today with Loubardias gone.

    Lastly, Kerr's calling of fights on the radio is absolutely bushleague...its what I'd expect from a minor league hockey team in Mississippi.

  7. FYI. I typed up that comment real fast...and there are tons of stream of consciousness errors and typos. Not my best work. Just an FYI folks. I'm just numb of passion due to the frustration. I think I'm going to stick to writing posts about Flames kicks over at htp.

  8. Anyone really truly think that Kerr is better than Loubardias? Especially hearing Kerr say "some kinda save" on multiple occasions last year? Did anyone hear Kerr say "Whirling Dervish" in relation to the play of Lee Stempniak in game one of the 2013 season? While I will grudgingly admit that it is a somewhat apt description of the events that lead up to the exclamation, it is by no means a term that should ever be applied to a hockey player in the year 2013. Hearing it come out of his mouth, inflected with his nasal, high pitched squeaky overtones makes me feel like I'm listening to a pre-adolescent girl call a hockey game. I respect his knowledge of the game but he should be relegated back to the radio as an analyst of the team/game instead of promoted to the play by play announcer. Though remembering when he hosted overtime, if anyone said something contrary to his opinion it was automatically shut down and declared as incorrect and stupid because it was quote "his show". If anyone should have gotten the job it's Maher... (doubt he would have wanted it though) seeing Kerr and Simmer sit in the Ed Whalen broadcast booth makes me throw up in my mouth a little bit each time... and even wish to have Loubardias's play by play back... even if it is only slightly less annoying

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