Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Furthermore, I Think Peter Loubardias...

Reports are coming in that Peter Loubardias has been fired.


First off, we are going to sleep on this. We got out of the hot-tub, and we were drying off, watching some Cheaters (oh hells yeah they still show Cheaters in Arizona) when, looking to catch up on the news of the day, we logged onto twitter.

Holy shit. Married With Children is on now. Bundy is in a sex shop. Some lady shows him her tits, and he faints, with a big ol smile on his face. Classic.

Wait, what? Oh yeah, Loubardias. He may have been fired. It's pretty fucking ballin. We may have won. Ahab caught the fucking whale, yo. Ahab caught the fucking whale. (Pssst: We are Ahab)

(Which begs the question, what should we do with Ahabs Pequod? Oh, read the fucking book for fucks sake.)

Anyways, we are going to sleep, and when we wake up we will see if this news was real, or just a wonderful dream. And if it is real, we will have a real post.

Bloody Christ, do you know how hard it is going to be to write a post when it is 40 C out here, and all the girls walk around in short shorts?

Furthermore, I think I may have to get a new tag line.


  1. what kind of idiot takes a hot tub in Arizona in July?????

  2. You are a sad sad person.

  3. If you could campaign for Charlie Simmer's dismissal next, I would be most appreciative.

  4. I sincerely hope you get hit by a truck you piece of crap. How can you celebrate a man losing his lively hood. You need to go chew on a shotgun and pull the trigger.

  5. Pieces o shit like you give sports fans everywhere a bad name... Go fuck yourself

  6. at least we don' get a clown like drew remanda