Tuesday, July 26, 2011



So the Flames had the STH's come down for the lunch/dinner thang, and something came out that we thought was pretty funny.

Ken King said that the Flames would almost everything it took to win, but they would not bury a ton of money (we believe the number thrown out was $8 million) in the minors.

Jay Feaster said that it made him sick to see how the Oilers were building their team by drafting first overall year after year.

Get that? The Flames are committed to winning, so long as it doesn't include spending money they aren't forced to through the CBA, and so long as it doesn't include building through the draft.

The other thing that was a little silly is that Dumb & Dumber put out the story that they offered Brad Richards more money than was reported. This is what we call bullshit. Why would the organization tell the media that they offered $65 over 9 if in fact they had offered $70, or $75 million? The main reason we thought the contract offer was a marketing ploy was that it was too cheap, that they offered essentially $500,000 more a year than the Rangers did. It looks like the organization is trying to inoculate itself, after the fact, from this charge. Who knows, but this whole 'Well, we actually offered him more money than was reported' thang doesn't ring true to us.

Besides, even if it is true, why the hell are they coming out and telling people that? It makes the organization look worse, not better. It makes the organization look like the Oilers, to be honest. And Feaster is the guy telling the STH's that running a team the way the Oilers do 'makes him sick'.

Furthermore, I think Ken King should be fired.


  1. I think you ought to keep the tag line with Loubo's name in it but crossed out. It is a way of reminding all of the anonymous commenters of your power. That way if they get out of line you could slip their names into the tag and watch them cower before you in awe of your power.

    By the way, Fat Feaster would happily trade his entire roster for the Oilers roster right fucking now if he had that option.

  2. Kool aid drinkerJuly 26, 2011 at 2:56 PM

    Well I guess feaster must really be disgusted with the penguins. Top 5 picks for five years and they are doing ok. But I'm sure his great strategy of signing bottom pairing d-men and aging third liners has the flames on the fast track to the cup!

  3. a) of course, given the Feast's draft record, they have no interest building through the draft; and

    b) f the about face or whatever re the Richards offer...fact is, Richards (ie Newport Sports) used the Flames to push the price up on NYR...they knew, based on prior history, that NYR needed some competition to sign the guy at a high price tag and there simply wasn't any...so enter Dumb & Dumber who actually thought they had a chance (you know the Feast and Richards were boys back in the days, allegedly)...in any case, the org never had a chance and to bring it up again in some weird about face in front of the STH where they claimed they offered more just further confirms what my belief is of the people running this team...Flames fans are screwed.