Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We Want The Drugs Brian Sutter Is On


Boomer is back, so we were listening to the morning show. First, Walker is Rick Lafitte 2.0, except without the gravitas of the original. How do ya'll survive listening to that human chloroform rag? Back on point; Boomer was talking to the greatest coach the Young Guns ever had, Brian Sutter, about the Stanley Cup finals, and really, just life and hockey in general.

And we stop to take another aside. We heard the interview live, and when it was replayed in the 9 o clock hour. Did you know, 9 o clock listeners, that somebody lopped off the end of the interview? Yeah. Somebody at the FAN960 lopped off the end of the Brian Sutter interview. Which, in case you are wondering why we have repeated it twice, is where the juicy little parts were found.

(New slogan: The FAN960: Cowtowing to Power & Authority since Joe Sports passed.)

What everyone, the early listeners and the 9 o clockers, got to hear was Brian Sutter repeat the words 'leadership' about 8000 times. He also implied that a group of coaches he hangs with would be able to win the Stanley Cup this year, because (say it with us class) "they have character and heart."

Honest question: Does the concept of 'Talent' exist in the Sutter's mind?

Anyways, to the end of the interview, the hidden ending, the lopped off part. Boomer asked Brian about the Sutter family dynamic, you know, because Brent ran a powerplay on Darryl and got him fired from the organization, and that will tend to damage said family dynamic.

And we got a very, at least we think, interesting answer out of one Brian Sutter. Somebody thinks the Flames leadership, or lack of it, is the reason the Calgary Flames aren't more successful. Somebody thinks Darryl did a bang up job assembling a team, but that the players let Darryl down. Furthermore, Brian said that the fans think they know what the problem is, but they don't (which, hint hint, Boomer, would have been a perfect time to say "Well ok Brian, what is the problem then?", don'tcha think?) before again calling out the leadership of the team.

We are assuming you all speak the code. What Brian was saying, and why we suspect that the monkey at the FAN lopped the end of the interview off for the 9 o clock hour, was that Jarome and Reggie are loser, no heart bums, who don't posses the 'heart', 'character', or 'leadership' to win.

Say what?

First, with this type of analysis, it's easy to see why Brian is coaching in the NHL these days.

Second, it's just horseshit stupid. Darryl Sutter, as GM, was never able to assemble the talent required to compete for a Stanley Cup. We know that because, past 2004, a Darryl Sutter constructed team never made it out of the first round of the playoffs. That's real. That's scoreboard. Also, let's look at the current representatives of the Western Conference, the Vancouver Canucks. You want me to believe that 'character', 'heart', and 'leadership' are the most important aspects of a team, when the Vancouver Canucks, a team devoid and absent of all three, are in the Finals?

It just doesn't make any sense, man!

Look, we know Brian wants to absolve his brother Darryl of the blame for wasting 50 million dollars or more a year for the last five some years to be mediocre, or of the blame for not being able to win a Cup even though he had Jarome Iginla on his roster for Jaromes prime age seasons, but please. We think the fans do know what the problem is: Ales Kotalik (Darryl!), Nik Hagman (Darryl!), Matt Stajan (Darryl!), Cory Sarich (Darryl!), Renee Bourque (Darryl!) Jay Bouwmeester (Darryl!), et al (Darryl!).

It's talent, stupid. Let us spell this out real slow for Brian Sutter, and his ilk: You win over 82 plus games and the playoffs by having more talent then your competitors. In a world where your ability to spend on payroll is capped, you acquire more talent then your competitors through shrewed drafting, and by signing players to contracts that price the players below their true market value.

Darryl Sutter paid everyone on the team the going rate, gave them NMC and NTC's to torpedo his flexibility, was therefore unable to load his team up on talent, and rightly got fired for it. But according to Brian Sutter, this whole story would have been different if the Flames leadership, Jarome and Reggie, cared more?

We are sorry, but that is fucking stupid. It is. Listen, he played in the NHL, we didn't. It's still fucking stupid.

Capgeek.com tells us that since 2005-06, Jarome has been making 7 million dollars a year. You wanna know his numbers over that time period? Over that six year time period, he has played in 480 games (out of a possible 492), has scored 234 goals and collected 269 assists for 503 points, and put 1730 shots on goal. His average line looks like 80 GP, 39 G, 44.83 A, 83.83 P, 288.34 shots. Is that the line of someone who doesn't care? The problem with the Calgary Flames is the guy who is a point per game?

Or, let us put it this way: The guy who has played his entire professional career for the Calgary Flames doesn't care about the Calgary Flames? Basically, the one guy on this team who isn't a mercenary doesn't care? Honestly, Brian, again, that's stupid.

You all saw the Olympics. You think Jarome isn't concerned with his legacy? Get fucking real, people.

We have a lot of stories we don't share, Domebeer-aholics. One of the Jarome stories we never share is that he has a backyard rink. We couldn't tell you the number of times, strolling by, we have seen Jarome out on that backyard rink practicing his shot. You know why he goes out at night, in the cold, and practices his shot? Because he fucking cares!

And we aren't even going to get started on Reggie. You are telling us that a cat with the type of 'heart' and 'character' Reggie possesses (hey, you all know he broke his legs real, real, bad back in the day, right? And made it back to the team in like less than a year, right?) doesn't care? Right. And global warming is going to kill us all too.

Anyways. Brian Sutter doesn't believe in talent, and that's a shame.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Love it. Find me a flame or even not a flame for that matter that cares as much as Jarome

  2. Please god tell you're making this up. Surely, surely the remaining Sutters aren't clinging to the failed premise that the only problem is the players hearts are "two sizes too small".

    If so, Feaster needs to do the clean sweep and get Brian et al. the hell out of the org. Let's get acquire people who want to start looking for answers rather than cling to cliches.

  3. So I think it is safe to assume that Brian went to Darryl and said, " Jarome and Reggie are bums and don't care! We need Staios on this team to win! He has enough heart and leadership to carry this team to victory!! Trade for him now!!!!"

    Wow that is one messed up dude, been hanging with Loubo lately?

  4. KW, I wish it wasn't true. I heard it, was floored, and waited around for the replay of the interview, and was actually pretty shocked that they lopped of the end of it off, A) because that's good radio and B) it highlights the sugar coating that goes on by the people paid to ostensibly give an unbiased view of the organization.

    Look. Heart does exist, it does, and in individual games, or perhaps even in a series, it can effect outcomes. If you have a goalie who would rather be in Russia than in North America (cough Bryzgalov cough) it can certianly effect the outcomes. But over 82 games, and 4 series? No, teams win over the long haul because of talent.

    And honestly, the fact that people are giving guys like Brian a microphone to tell the fans that the front office did everything right and it is the players who should be blamed doesn't help the organization move forward.

    Google still wont let me comment on my own blog. Fuck Blogger.


  5. ^^^ yeah I have a gmail account I can't seem to comment with.

    Anywho, it's funny to note I heard Brian Burke on HNIC one time saying "Talent is one of the last things we look for in a player."
    Gee, might that explain the Leafs' predicament?

    Truculuence and Pugnacity. pfft.

  6. Feel free to disagree with me on this, but I think that it's fair to say that Vancouver had the more talented team, strictly speaking.
    What is indisputable though is that the winning team had more heart, determination, charachter, and as the Rabid Wolverine used to say, testicular fortitude.

    Granted, this is just one series, and as K-to-the-Dub would say, that's a rather small sample size.


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