Wednesday, June 1, 2011

So, Uh, Erixon didn't sign...

And Ken King still has a job. Interesting that.

You can talk to me all you want about the draft picks we got for him. Sweet, now all we need to do is get some scouts who know how to draft.

It's fucking telling that Erixon's agent thought the organization was such a joke he wouldn't let his client sign here. How is it that the agent can see what so many in this city can't?

Didn't hear the local sport propaganda station today. We can only imagine how they tried to rationalize this.

Go Bruins.

**Updated** (Now in updated form!)

Links for Mr. Horak.


NHL Central Scouting

Chilliwack Bruins (Go Bruins!)

Blueshirt Banter (And at the risk of starting a blog war, we are a little wary of that one. Everything we have seen up till now is all about how Horak is not defensively responsible and how he weighs like 160. Maybe they see something, or maybe take it with grains of salt.)


Hockey News

Elite Prospects


Hockey Futures

Who knows. You have to be crazy good to make it to the NHL if you are that size. Maybe Hesketh can do something. Erixon looked like an NHLer, though.

Pulling for the kid. If this kid has NHL hands, the Flames could certainly use them. But we aren't expecting anything. It looks like we traded a first for two seconds, which seems like a cheap price for a first.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Don't forget where this 20 year old kids Dad played his entire career.....

    "It's fucking telling that Erixon's agent thought the organization was such a joke he wouldn't let his client sign here"

    Where did you hear this AZR? How do you know his agent made the call and not his pops?

  2. Assumptions. Someone in his posse made the decision though. If it's his Dad, it's his Dad.

    Getting to your point (I think) more directly: File tampering charges, I'm for it.

    Have I mentioned I hate Blogger? Where else can I take DB, Blogger is shit and I want to move.

  3. so what do you really think??

  4. DB you were the one suggesting that you'd be able to ride Reggie, Gio, and J-Bouw and be able to slot in AHL talent to fill in the rest of the D-squd. Now that your best prospect (apologies to TJ Brodie) has been swapped for magic beans your D situation is worse.

    So much worse that you might need to re-sign Staios.


  5. Fuck man. Fuck. Oiler fans are loving this, eh?

    All I know is Brad Richards is a UFA.

    Fuck Staios, I hope Pardy tries to powerplay the organization now!

    (Blogger still wont let me comment on my own blog)

  6. Do I smell 3 years and a NMC for Pardy?

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