Friday, June 17, 2011

Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award

It's Friday, and that means just one thing: Sexy hot tub parties.

Huh? What? Oh yeah, that's right. It is also that time of the week when we present the Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award (The RTPIC)!

So, did anything happen this week, anything at all?

Our first nominee is, of course, the Boston Bruins. Congratulations. It must have been tough to play with the pressure of two nations on them, but they succeeded and got the job done.

And then the riot started. Like we said on twitter, this is exactly why the rest of Canada hates Vancouver Canuck Fan. In the immediate aftermath of the riot, people from Vancouver tried to white-wash the situation, blaming the riots on everything, anarchists, martians, whatever, everyone was blamed but the people of Vancouver, and the Canucks fans. Which, of course, is bullshit. Bruce Arthur had a pretty good piece on the whole situation. We do not understand all the pretending that goes on when it comes to Vancouver. This is a city that likes to riot. Cities that like to riot suffer from a deficiency of something. We will call it 'Civic Culture' but who knows, maybe it is something else.

What we were struck by was the lack of responsibility of the crowd. Mob mentality isn't a one way street. Where was the mob mentality to protect the city? The civic authorities that we saw trying to deal with the situation provided us a little bit of a clue, we think. The mayor came off as extremely soft, as did the police chief of the city. Their solution to the riot was to treat it like the plague, and let it burn itself out. While that may be well and good for a soft police union who wouldn't dare ask its members to do its job and maintain the peace and order, it isn't good for the city. In effect, the civic authorities, by not being more aggressive with the mob (and lets be real here: That was not a brave mob at all, but a cowardly one. They were not attacking the police lines of 10 cops when they had 10,000 people behind them) they gave the mob and it's activity a sort of sanction. And the next time an opportunity to riot happens, the citizens of Vancouver will happily take it. Why wouldn't they? The (civic/political) markets reaction to the last riot has shown them that they can and will be allowed to act like children.

Speaking of children, our second nominee of the week is Greece. Lots of worry in the world about Greece and whether or not it can pay its debts. First off, it's always good to see a nations 10 year bond offer a return of somewhere between 15 - 17%. Yikes. And the idiots in Greece are rioting over the fact that the free ride is over. 17% return! For a sovereign nation that has a population base to tax!

As to our thoughts on the need to bail them out? Fuck em. We have no sympathy for banks. They make bets, they should have to live with the consequences of those bets. Nobody forced the banks to extend credit to Greece. Now that that trade may turn, the banks who fucked up should be forced to live with the consequences of those actions. Spare us the 'sky will fall' bullshit rhetoric. The sky will not fall. Assets will be put on the market for depressed prices. That isn't, despite the greedies objections, isn't the end of the world. It is the end of their world, not our world, and not they world. If these banks go belly up, the banks that are left that are run by the prudent and intelligent, will be able to add to their balance sheets, which in reality is a good thing. Let the market do its thang, we say.

It's actually kind of good and bad. It's good that retarded ideas like the EU and a single currency for first world nations like Germany and third world nations like Greece are dying. But the disintegration of the new European Continental system will invariably be a bad thing, because Europeans have a habit of getting into wars with each other.

Our third nominee, while we are on the topic of wars, is Syria. Assad needs to be shot in the head, his brothers, his children, need to be fed to the dogs. Straight up. His whole regime, the ministers and the bureaucrats, should be hung from the parapets. Why are we going after Qaddafi and not Assad? If we have the moral imperative, the moral sanction and duty, to go to war in Libya because Qadaffi shoots at his citizens, why aren't we helping to liberate a real country, Syria? The world makes little sense, and we have little patience for dictators who shoot children in the streets.

The winner of this weeks Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award is the Lady Anne Murray

Vancouver Fan, after embarrassing yourself, your city, and by connection, us and our country, you probably need some chicken soup for your soul. You need some Anne Murray. We know we do.

Imagine what could have been. When the Canucks lost, and bottles were thrown on the screen. Suddenly, Anne Murray's golden voice starts gliding over the crowd, emitted from the speakers. The crowd begins to has a choice to make, the hooliganism of the Hippodrome (which you should look up if you are unfamiliar with. You will see that the cops should have been sent in to Vancouver, but we digress) or peaceful dissolution. Anne Murray persuades the crowd: It's 8 o clock, it's nice out. It's time to hit a patio and hold wake for the Canucks season. The crowd peters out, and no Boston fan gets stabbed in the neck.

What could have been...

For being the solution to the problem, Anne Murray wins this weeks Roman Turek Profile In Courage Award.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. I don't want to sound queer or nuthin, but I think Anne Murray kicks ass. I'd make young Anne one of the next WEEKS FORWARDS.

  2. And now I can't get "Spread your tiny wings and fly away" out of my head, which insn't as bad as you think.

    "Something something something again someday"

    Yeah. Everythings going to be alright.

  3. Dude, you are the voice of the people, the talisman for all things right and wring when it comes to calgary media... We the sports fans of calgary beg if you to get something going and work on the drivel that is now the fan960, what wasnonce the darling of the airwaves has turned into complete and utter cack! Oh for the days of gay or not gay, road trips with celebrity's to the tri city's, vijay Singh live reports from the open championship et al, to what it has become now!! Domebeers, voice of the people we implore you to stop this haenous crime to our ears and do something!!

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