Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pros And Cons

Tony Washington edition! (Hit the game show music!)

Pro: Tony Washington is 6'6", 305 pounds. He has 35 1/2-inch long arms. 

Con: Tony Washington slept with his sister.

Pro: Tony Washington, at the NFL Combine, bench pressed 225 lbs 33 times. He was also the top performer among OL's in the broad jump category.

Con: Tony Washington slept with his sister.

Pro: Tony Washington, in highschool, earned All-League honours. His first year in college, he won 'first team all-Southwest Junior College Football Conference' honours. The next year, he won 'first team all-Lone Star Conference South Division' honours, and also won the divisions Offensive Lineman of the Year award. He was a first team all-American that year. The year after that, he won the Lone Star Conference Offensive Lineman of the Year award again.

Con: Tony Washington slept with his sister.

Pro: Tony Washington was a leading factor in the ACU Wildcats league leading offense in 2008 and in 2009. A dominate LT, Washington helped power his team, in 2008, to the leagues top offense (558.8 ypg, 52.3 ppg), while he himself ranked second in the league for sacks allowed per game (0.67). In 2009, Washington anchored his teams offensive ground attack, which would see the Wildcats rush offense rank second in the league (170 rushing yards per game, 24 rushing td's).

Con: Tony Washington slept with his sister.

Pro: Tony Washington has been projected by a variety of scouts as a top flight talent. "Based on sheer ability, Washington would project as a probable first-round pick," thought Rotoworld. CBSsports reported that various scouts had Washington ranked, on pure athleticism alone, as a second round talent. Mike Mayock has been reported to have given him a first to second round talent evaluation.

Con: Tony Washington slept with his sister.

So, to summarize:

Pro: Tony Washington, while still very raw, is an exceptional talent that, under normal circumstances, would not normally be available to the CFL or the Calgary Stampeders.

Con: Tony Washington slept with his sister.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. the forgotten manJune 11, 2011 at 8:55 PM


    Kotalik, Hagman, Stajan, Sarich et al. continually "fuck the dog" and the Flames continue to employ them.

  2. Im a bad person for laughing at this

  3. Can't argue with any of that. Thanks for pulling up those stats.

  4. Is she hot at least?
    Perhaps some context is required here. What were the circumstances leading up to the incest? Were they both aware that they were related? Was it just once, or multiple times?
    In other words, is he a bad guy, a dumb guy, or just horribly unlucky?

  5. The Riders employed someone who knowingly gave women AIDS. The Edmonton Eskimos hired a man who molested his 16 year old babysitter as their GM. Does that make you feel any better?

  6. If this young man has no repeat sexual offenses, has worked this hard to be where he is and is remorseful for his actions shouldn't we give him a chance? We don't know the circumstances and if he and his sister have moved on, shouldn't we all?

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