Thursday, June 16, 2011

For Posterity

Rem Dog said the following, (qualified with 'These are all paraphrased')

He starts with talking about the Cup, congratulating Boston. Then the PBP asks him about the handshakes in hockey. Rem Dog says he wouldn't shake the hands of those cheap shot artists. He would have started a fight, he jokes, because the Canucks are a bunch of cheap-shot artists. 

Rem Dog then briefly touches on the riot, saying that is what happens in Cities that win, so it was unusual that it happened in Vancouver. He says it is ok though, for Vancouver fan, because they have Loungo. The PBP asks Remy what he thought of Loungo. Rem Dog answers with "Never heard of him before, but I loved every minute of him." Hilarious. The PBP kinda laughs and prods Rem Dog further about Loungo, and Rem Dog says "When he said that stuff about Thomas, I had heard and seen enough of him (Loungo). After that, he was finished and his team was finished." 

Ok. Great stuff. If anybody has like a TiVo of the Red Sox Vs Devil Ray game, it's in there. 5th or 6th.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


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