Thursday, May 26, 2011

No Post Today, At Least Not Yet

But hey, this makes us laugh!

This is better than anything we were going to write, anyways.

Actually, let's do this. About once a week, once every other week, we get a request from some intrepid marketer/business owner asking about advertising opportunities on Dome Beers. As you have probably noticed, we are not in the habit of granting those advertising opportunities. The whole 'Art for Arts sake' thang.

Nothing against commercialism. Writers write because they like to write, but they publish because they like to get paid. We are stupid and publish for free. Because we love you, Domebeer-aholics.

So nothing against anyone who 'sells out' and puts ads on their site. Power to you. We just don't, for whatever reason. Ok, because none of the offers have been for six figures. We will sell out, not for money, but for a shit-load of money (Lonestar!). Are you happy know?

Anyways, why are we bringing this up? Well, because last week we got an email from someone connected with this site, and they wanted us to put a link up on the sidebar. They offered us something insulting low to do this, which is why the link is not on the sidebar today.

But then we actually went to, and we saw the cat has autographed boxing gear. Fucking erection inducing. Honestly, check this shit out. Cool, huh?

So the cat is getting, well, we guess this is an advertisement. But we didn't charge the guy for it, so it's more like a shill job. He caught us in a moment of weakness, and he has Joe Frazier gear. Deadly combination.

Alrighty then. We were working on a gag bit (about fucking time, DB) but then we ran out of steam. Either the gag bit later tonight, tomorrow if we don't do an RTPIC, or maybe on Monday if we do.

Keep your sticks on the ice.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


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