Monday, May 16, 2011

More Hurried Quickness

It is way too nice outside for me to be doing this. Therefore, it's going to be quick.

This is a black day for the Flames.

We have been busy and unable to get in front of a radio; Has the FAN960 been doing the organizational dick-suck all afternoon?

This is fucking retarded. Fucking retarded.

Curtis Glencross was signed for four years, and given a NMC.

Read that sentence. That's real, that really happened. We signed a guy at market rate, gave him huge term, and gave him an NMC to boot.

Good for Glencross. Good for the agent of Curtis Glencross. Take every crumb on the table, you know?

The guy who signed Curtis Glencross, however, is an idiot. Right? Who isn't this obvious, too?

Fuck, where to begin. First off, Curtis Glencross is the big trophy they choose to roll out with Feaster? What a joke. Let's be real: Glencross is a third line player. Wow, we are so distracted by that shiny bauble. It isn't a coincidence that the news 'breaks' at the same time.

How small.

The Feaster hiring is shitty. Signifies Ken King is still firmly in charge of the organization. That...isn't good. Quick illustration of why: You will notice that instead of hiring some more brains into the organization to assist Feaster, the organization instead intends to develop Craig Conroy. Do you get it? Ken King is not allowing the organization to hire credible, independent people into the leadership and management ranks. Do you get it? Ken King wants to keep the organization bodunk and dumb because that way he gets to yield power and influence. Do you get it?

(Which probably goes a long way in explaining the Feaster hiring in the first place. If Feaster is smart he brings in Goulet or someone from his stable of contacts to be the AGM, not someone who is connected to Ken King.)

Honestly, Feaster claims he thinks he had the job for at least two weeks, yet still allowed the organization to publicly allow him to twist in the wind, what with his 'Acting' title. Desperate for a job, or what? Look, it's a tough economy out their, but really.

Do we have to give Tanguay four years and a NMC too now?

How fucking dumb. The problem with the team is that it has little flexibility with the players, the key players, on the roster. All the cogs have NMC or NTC clauses. So if they want to go Country Club, they can. You could probably live with that too; Darryl Sutter's problem was that he gave out NMC's and NTC's to support players, like Bourque and Sarich. And Stajan.

And then the first thing that Darryl's replacement does? He gives one to Glencross. You can't make this shit up.

And Tod Button still has a job! Fucking cockroach.

More shit that pisses us off. This is a quote from Feaster, from "We want to get back to that identity of being a very, very hard working team. A very difficult team to play against."

Fuck this squirrel shit, for reals, yo. First, what Feaster said doesn't mean anything, and second, the last time the Flames were a hard team to play against was the last time they regularly used AHLers in the lineup, in 2004. So whatever. We just hope we don't end up signing more Dancing Bears in the name of Toughness. (Although...)

Honestly, it's too much. We just saw that on Twitter the official NHL thang (@NHLFlames) is retweeting people saying that we are 'championship bound' for next season. They honestly believe you, the consumer, are that fucking stupid.

These people, the people who think we are 'championship bound' (we would link the tweet but we don't know how, being luddites and all. If you know, please tell)? These people are the fucking mouth breathers that we talk about. Who the fuck, in their god-damned wildest dreams, thinks the Flames are championship bound next year?

These are the organizations 'useful idiots'. They provide the organization with cover and noise, and who knows, probably like the music they play at the Dome. And there just might be enough of these cover giving troglodyte's around, too. Hell, Rogers has been able to pass Peter Loubardias off as a play by play guy in this city for two years now. And Peter Loubardias is the pussy anal wart of sports commentary.

But fuck, how fucking stupid. And the organization looks like it is being run by 12 years old when it retweets such nonsense. If these are the best marketing ideas they can come up with, then Ken King really should be fired.

Fuck, we can't. We are out. We will think about this whole fucked up situation and try to come up with something more poignant for another date. It is fucking nice out.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Champ ... bahahahahahahahahhahaha ... ion ... ahahahahahhahahahahahah ... ... ship ... ahahahahahahahahhahaha ... bound ... ahahahahahahahahhahah ... ... hahahahahahahahahahahah ... ...

    That's so awesome.

    I wish people would realize that drinking the Kool-Aid does more damage to the team than anything negative you or I could have imagine saying.

    As long as they continue to suckle at the teat and slurp up the Pablum, we'll be forced to watch a mediocre product on the ice.

    I say we storm the Saddledome like friggin' Frankenstein is being housed in the basement.

  2. Glad I re-upped on my tickets again

  3. the forgotten manMay 16, 2011 at 8:45 PM


    Caught some King960 this afternoon, and let's just say that Kerr is home icing his knees and rinsing with Listerine.


  4. The thing was that nobody in this city with an established voice, ie the media in print and radio, thought this wasn't a good idea.

    They can't all be lemmings. Some must have had misgivings. And if they didn't, why not fake it, just to be different and establish some juice?

  5. Thank you Domebeers! I couldn't post anything on htp yesterday because a) I was furious and probably would have written an uber angry post and b) I didn't listen to the presser because i) I didn't want to listen to the hogwash the org was going to feed us with about why they just wrecked the Porsche (which is debatable if it even was a Porsche in the first place but anyways) and ii) as you pointed out, the organizational fellatio the Fan would subject listeners to. So I wasn't officially informed enough to write a post YET. Anywho...I'm sooooo glad you pointed out that retweet fiasco by the Flames official feed last night. Seriously...are they f'ing serious?? Just when I had calmed down (slightly) I see those retweets come through. I recall mentioning to my gf...or myself (I can't remember)...that I wouldn't be surprised if the org made up those accounts they were retweeting. It was that pathetic. "Yay, Feaster is a God...Stanley Cup champions in 2012!" "This is seriously a first class organization" "In Feaster we trust!" (gasp) Who are these idiots? Nucks or Oilers fans fucking with the organization? NO WAY there are that many dumb ass Flames fans. Oh yeah, of course they are developing Conroy as an AGM...they just officially hired The Feast as GM. K Squared, answer me this...if the Feast was such a good GM...why the hell was the only job he could get in hockey after getting fired from TB was a blogging position at THN? And did you happen to read what he was writing? To tell you the truth, I don't even think Proteau or Campbell trusted him with their Starbucks orders. If that's all it takes is being a blogger, then hire me or wi or Domebeers. And to think Domebeers has been upset about Loubardias all this time. just got a whole lot worse.

  6. Oh in case you all were interested in reading the literary genius that is The Feast...peep this...

    Who's still in the playoffs now and from a competitive standpoint hasn't missed a beat since acquiring Heatley...not you K Squared I mean The Feast. Way to be cutting edge.

  7. I thought KK hated bloggers...

  8. the forgotten manMay 18, 2011 at 3:10 PM

    WOW...check out this link:

    God Bless Welfare...Working is for Chumps

    PS - If mined properly, there are a couple of Stajan jokes in this article - Photoshop Feaster/K-Squared's head on the "Woman?" and Stajan's face on Jabba the Hut - just thinkin.

  9. Organizational fellatio. LOVE IT JAFI!

  10. Says Feaster to Ken King:

    "Bring me Solo and the Wookie"