Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Cap

We know everyone is doing cap posts, and hell, we just did one. Just another angle on it:

Meh. Not the shittiest team ever, but there isn't a lot of money available to make it any good, either.

If they sign Pardy, and roll the dice with farm kids for the 4th pairing (Brodie and...Negrin? Breen? Whomever?), that might cost them (0.7+0.742+0.8 (?)) 2.242 million dollars in cap, leaving the Flames with 7.541 in cap space to fill the empty positions on the first two lines, the empty position on the second defence pairing, and the backup goalie position. 7.541/4 is $1.885 million dollars, or not enough money to get anybody of any quality, or anybody who isn't a scrap heap reclamation project. But Darryl went fishing last year and came away some good years out of some gambles. We will see if Feaster can repeat the feat. really depends on your point of view, we guess, but one of (or both of) Langkow or Stajan really kill the teams flexabilty. Sarich as well, obviously. Waters wet.

Speculation time. Langkow and Sarich are on the last year of their contracts. Florida needs to acquire like a billion dollars in salary to make the floor. Maybe there is a fit there. Would help us sign Brad Richards and Tanguay and move Joker to the wing.

We can dream.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.