Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Good Morning

We like wrestling, so let's break out an old wrestlers opening: Eeeeewwwrrrrrr What A Rush!

Domebeer-aholics, give us a 'Fuck Yes'. Give us a motherfucking 'Oh Hells Fuck Yes'.

Because eeeewwwrrrr what a week!

The Royals getting married...yeah, wasn't personally understanding all the hype and hoopla, but the OG member of the Commonwealth across the pond seemed to get (union) jacked for it, and we appreciate the Commonwealth, so we cheered along with them. Go on and get your get on, you crazy inbred Windsors.

And then, like the next day, boom! Osama Bin gets turned into Osama Been. Not a fan of the Obama cat, but incredible dap delivered his way for not being a pussy on this one. Bill Clinton once had a chance to kill Bin Laden, and he pussed out and didn't send soldiers in, he sent a missile instead. And Clinton's missile missed, and then the Cole got bombed, the Twin Towers were felled, the Pentagon was bombed, and we got Hero's graves in a field in Pennsylvania. Obama could have sent a missile, and good on the cat for not. Had shit gone wrong and we ended up with a dead SEAL Team Six in Pakistan, it would not have looked good on the President. He took a tremendous risk, and fucking rights it paid off.

The only thing we don't like is that, because of the nature of their jobs, we can't have a Triumph for the soldiers who killed the murderer down the streets of New York and D.C. Ya'll should have seen the celebrations in Rome when they heard of Hannibal's death.

And then...the crazy Canadians hold an election. Stephen Harper wins a majority, fuck yeah. But holy hell, the Liberals! The greatest political dynasty in the Western world is wiped off the map by...Jack 'the john' Layton and his communist party. Fucking nutbars, Batman. Enjoy it while it lasts, Jack, because with most of your party now hailing from Quebec, we don't think you are long for your position as leader. The Quebecois tend to not like being told what to do by Toronto. And while we don't foresee the Liberals staying dead forever, we will say that the Bloc is D-E-D dead. And wasn't that good to see.

So good fucking morning, Domebeer-aholics. Have yourselves a Milskey to celebrate.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. And Rob Kers off the air for the week!

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