Monday, May 16, 2011

Check Out Feaster's New Nickname

Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit.

Talking to a gal at FFWD. We have a lot of spoiled Dome Beers ballots. Anyways...

So it looks like Ken Kings Reign of Error will be allowed to continue. Mazel tuv. We are thrilled.

No, honestly, we are: Another season of it and the season ticket wait list will finally start to thin out. Of course the team will probably do something brilliant and raise the prices after a third straight year of missing the playoffs...

Yes, Jay Feaster has been installed as Ken Kings puppet, errr, the Calgary Flames GM. The Ventriloquist Dummie's first move was to do the Darryl, and award a solid NHL player with a contract that is too rich, too long, and of course, includes the clause Darryl made famous around these parts, the dreaded NMC.

Yes, you read that correctly. Curtis Glencross, yes, that Curtis Glencross, was given a four year term. And yes, you read that correctly as well; He was also given a NMC on top of those guaranteed four years of employment.

Thank God for this cities low bridges, eh?

More to come later. We have meetings to get to and what not. We will leave you, for now, with this chart:

It shows we have a lot of work to do. A defence corp wouldn't be a bad place to start (or, how about Brad Richards?). More reaction from this corner later when we have some time.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. What are the flames trying to signal to the market?
    1.KK is in charged
    2. Tangs told them to fuck off
    3. They found a team for Kot & Hag?
    4. Our minors suck
    5. No tweak or rebuild, even for a year
    6. No Brad Richards

    We fired D.Sut for this? Feastor got a job for watching D.Suts team play well.
    Also only the stupid fans like CG, its like a test!

  2. If ... IF ... the Flames make the playoffs next year, they'll be out in the first round.

    What a terrific day for mediocrity.

  3. Proof feater is a puppet:
    They gave him a symbolic role of GM, but did not give him a rai$e from an assistants level.
    If they did, how much?

    Fucking Winnipeg will win the cup before we do!

  4. the forgotten manMay 16, 2011 at 3:17 PM

    Why the Flames are Fucked: (Vol.IV, Edition XXII)

    Special Assistant to the GM...

    Is that special as in "Special" Olympics special, or special because Conroy shits out Skittles every morning??

    At least K-squared has evolved from hiring Sutter inbreds to Straight-up Nepotism.

    Besides having to watch the Canucks win, the most depressing part of the Playoffs is how far away Calgary truly is from competing...the top 8 teams in the League are light-years ahead of our roster...go long, very long, on the Flames ever winning another Cup.

    PS - Irrelevant to being GM, but Feaster is one homely MOFO...somebody get him a stylist and trainer the very least P90X.

  5. A NMC for a plugger? 4 years for a plugger? I know Dazza is gone but this smacks of the stupidity of the Staios trade.