Monday, May 2, 2011

Anger Will Robertson! Anger!

Fuck Ken 'Rasputin' King. Fire Ken 'Rasputin' King.

Word is that they guy isn't even interviewing other people for the GM position. This is a problem because Ken King said that the organization wasn't rushing to remove the 'acting' title from Jay Feaster because, you know, they were interviewing other people for the GM position.

Look, cards on the table moment. Ken King is from the Herald and the Sun, he has relationships with the people who cover the team. There is a conflict of interest, and it permeates through the way the Calgary Flames are covered. The FAN960, the Herald and Sun sports sections, are propaganda organs.

So we are done with them. If the people who work there refuse to ask questions, that's their right, but it marks them as 'ami du rois', quite literally.

Ken King has not produced a plan for moving forward, has not pronounced publicly the mission and goal statements of the team. Whatever the mythical 'PLAN' was that Feaster presented to the organization back after Darryl was fired has never been explained to the shareholders of the organization, the fans.

It's a joke, but the joke is on the media. If they never ask, Ken never has to tell. And why would they ask and risk their free game tickets, and free game meals? Why be antagonistic, when being a bootlicker is so much more enriching materially?

If Ken King wants to keep Feaster on because he can control the guy, then press the fat fuck at a press conference until he admits to it. Hold the organization to account. Is that too much to ask from a profession which spouts off, as it's ruling motto, 'Speak Truth To Power'?

Honestly, when Eric Francis is the guy doing all the digging, the rest of you media people should feel pretty bad about yourselves.

Osama Bin Laden is dead, and we are not. Hurray.

Isn't it cute to find out he was living in a newly build mansion outside of the capital city of Pakistan? With friends like these...

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired. Ken King as well.

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