Thursday, April 28, 2011


Domebeer-aholics, we have neglected you this week. We are selfish lovers, we know.

But did any of ya'll want to sit through more of our bitching and moaning? The short version of it is 'Fire Ken King'.

So...what are we to do? Well, the plan is to run a RTPIC on Friday, and then after that, we don't really know. We are exploring several different ideas, but we may go from sports related to whatever-we-want-to-talk-about related. We might write sports for FlamesNation. We may just end up running the RTPIC in the offseason. We would like to use the time to maybe get back to the original styles, and get some humour pieces up. But it is Dome Beers, so we make no promises.

Matt Stajan is effeminate.

JBlow needs his moms permission to leave the house and go to the ice rink.

Ken King is a failed newspaper hack (as that one caller to Overtime several years ago put it).

Feaster once traded Brad Richards for Mike Smith because Mike Smith...cooked a mean pasta?

Loubardias sucks and makes ear drums bleed.

There, pretty much covered it.

Actually, before we go...Domebeer-aholics, how ashamed are you to be living in a country where the communist party, err, NDP, can secure 30% of the vote?

It applies to the country, and it applies to the Flames: WHERE ARE THE ADULTS?

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired. Ken King should also be fired. Carthage also should be destroyed. Cato rip offs are fun!


  1. Glad to see you back. Need some twitter love from you buddy.

  2. DB,

    I thought you maybe pulled a "Cobain" earlier this week as Smilin' Jack races up the Polls...I considered it but I still have 2 kids to feed.

    Anyways, you have summed up the Flames for me. As long as King is around, they are dead to me...until then the bar is open.

    Since King is still here and Smilin' Jack is spreading like the Herpes Simplex on Lilo's twot, I thought I would provide a couple of awesome, mandatory viewing links for all to watch and disseminate (especially all the "kids" polling for the Dippers):

    Hayek v. Keynes baby....

    All that said, please go to a more varied format, but keep the Girls.

  3. Yeah I saw that too. Hayek is good shit. Road to Serfdom is a great read, and I always give it to the commies in my life so that they can get their eyes opened.

  4. And we lied about the RTPIC. Just got too busy. It will make it's reappearance next week.

    That is assuming the commies don't win and the property class avoids liquidation.

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