Thursday, April 21, 2011

Semi Serious

The mythical and legendary DB crew was doing a little sleuthing on the teams main owner, Murray Edwards.

And Domebeer-aholics, you know what? We are changing our opinion of the guy entirely. Entirely, Domebeer-aholics. You gotta hear some shit.

So you know that Murray Edwards is a super hero capitalist? Well, being a super hero capitalist is not easy, and it is not quick. It takes dedication, and it takes time. Murray Edwards is an absentee owner because, put simply, he is too busy doing real world shit to waste his time on what is essentially a toy.

Murray Edwards was worth 2 billion plus dollars a few years ago. Then the house of cards that was the financial sector of the American economy (we aignt going to bury the Canadian banks; some of the best banks in the world) collapsed as house of cards are wont to do, and Murray Edwards lost a billion dollars in net worth. Imagine, Domebeer-aholics, if someone was to take half of your shit. You would be fucking pissed off. And if you were also a super hero capitalist, you would get even.

Our super hero capitalist Murray Edwards did just that. Over the last couple of years, Murray Edwards has been busy making that billion dollars that he lost back. And you know what? Of course you know what: He did. Stock splits, acquisitions, all that, and he made his billion back, and is back sitting on two large B's.

Which leads us to our point. Murray Edwards is too busy being a baller in the business world to run the team personally. We get that, we understand that, we applaud his super hero capitalist thang. But that means, because the cat is so busy making bank, he needs to rely on the people he has hired to run the team to run the team well.

Which means that Ken King has an inordinate amount of power in this organization, because Murray Edwards has made Ken King his regent. And Ken King has had this power for at least a decade now.

Which, of course, makes Ken King culpable for what has happened with the franchise, and it makes him as culpable as Darryl Sutter, a man who was guillotined for his crimes against the franchise. If they thought Darryl deserved to be fired (and he did), why isn't King walking the plank as well?

There is more, as there always is at DB. Murray Edwards, in his business, has management depth. What this means is he hires people who are over-qualified to work in positions that are below where they would be working in other organizations. In English, this means that a president of one of his business divisions is a talented person, but the vice president is also good enough that he could also be the president, and that if the president was to leave, the vice president could take over. And these layers of management depth permeate through the organization.

The Calgary Flames lack this management depth. We are cynical, so we think it's because Ken King doesn't want anyone else in the organization that could potentially take his job. And while this situation is nice for Ken King, we think it hurts the Calgary Flames organization as a whole.

Anyways, we wanted to be quick. It's something to chew on, at the very least. And yeah, we are in the Fire Ken King crowd now (do you know he likes to micromanage the creation of those awful opening videos you see at the game? That is reason enough to fire the guy!).

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired. 


  1. "Murray Edwards was worth 2 billion plus dollars a few years ago."

    Accoroding to Forbes, 2K11 is his 1st $2B year. 2009 he dropped from the billioniares club, and was around 1.4 before that.
    Stock splits do not increase equity, ask Joan.

    Do some fucken research!

  2. "Fucken"? Crack on him if you want but that shit is weak.

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