Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Shorty

Lot's of talking following last nights game, and some of it, we don't like so much.

Let's cut right too it. The effort of the Calgary Flames was called out by everybody, radio guys, print guys, TV guys, everybody. That isn't right.

Do the Flames take games off? Hells yeah they do. No question. We call them the Country Club for a reason. But so does every other team in this league. It isn't unique to the Flames.

The Flames problems have nothing to do with Heart, Leadership, Grit, Effort, Try, Manhood. None of that. The Flames issue is Talent.

Our last post had the best stat eva! on the Flames. This team does not beat good teams. It doesn't. Against Vancouver, Detroit, San Jose, and Phoenix, we managed to win two games out of seventeen. Two out of seventeen.

Did the Calgary Flames take every game they played against those four opponents off? Ludicrous. They just aren't a good team. When you say it is an effort thing, you are implying that they are a good team that just doesn't put in the effort. This isn't true. They are not a good team.

Maybe you have a problem with the 'effort' displayed last night. Maybe you didn't like the 'fight' displayed by the team. It was disconcerting, admittedly. But the answer isn't to send them to the hospital to get heart transplants. Two of seventeen implies that this team needs to get better players on it's roster.

And, as the last post also shows, we are fucked for next year when it comes to cap space unless some hard decisions are made. Hagman, Kotalik, and Stajan need to be on another teams roster when the 2011-2012 season starts. Hagman and Kotalik offer so little utility that their presence on the roster probably hurts the teams chances to win. Stajan, the same thing. Honestly, on Stajan: we paid BMo nothing, and he became our best centre option to use with Elvis and Tangs. We paid Stajan 3.5 million and he ended up being the fourth line centre. With Langkow coming back to be this clubs fourth line centre, Stajan has to go, period. JBlow didn't turn us into fans of his with his act last night. If someone would take him, that's a tonne of cap space right there. And the team would save even more money because we wouldn't have to buy him tampons anymore.

The teams operating strategy needs to change. For too long Jarome has been counted on to score 100 goals a game for this team. The days of cheaping out on support for him need to end. We need a real player to come in and play with the cat, or at the very least, we need another real player on this roster so all we have to count on Jarome for is secondary scoring.

The ownership of this team needs to drink the reality potion. Charging top dollar to see a mediocre team is going to have corrosive effects on the fanbase if it is allowed to continue for too long.

And for the love of Whalen, we need a real play by play and colour team in the booth. We don't care how many friends Loubardias and Simmer have in the media, they are boring, cliche, and unwatchable.

Anyways, here's to hoping for renewal by blood in the offseason. And the acquisition of Brad Richards.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. And I should have added it to the post, but this questioning of the players heart and leadership and all that, what does that serve to do? It serves to shift blame. The people to blame for this are the owners of this team. They assembled the roster.

    The owners are to blame because if they want to be hands off, then they need a vassal in place who actually knows something. Ken King is not that man. Ken King Okayed the extension of Matt Stajan, for example. Either because he was scared of Darryl, or because he was stupid.

    He needs to go, and then his replacement can decide on Feaster. And by 'his replacement' we of course are calling for Lanny McDonald.

  2. Fuck, and I just saw that whole beer thing the sun did. gotta drink six man. Two per period. Gotta.

    Then you piss in the river on the way out, and if you time it right, get to bang on Mahers Rav4 as he drives out of the parking lot...

  3. Haha I saw that article on heroin beers come through on my blackberry, was looking forward to reading it!

    As for the Flames. I absolutely agree with you (doesn't happen often)! Especially with Injuries to Bmo and Mosser, our ability to create plays is next to nil. The Stajan signing will burn us for many years as I don't think anyone will pay for that guy. (1/2 price on waivers maybe). Get King out of there, bring in somebody who has put on skates before (since 1950 preferably) and start focusing on hockey and not revenue.

  4. King's job is revenue. That is his role. If the team makes money the owners are happy with him. It is when he starts getting outside of that role that you have problems. The owners need to set a budget, hire a hockey guy and watch it unfold. If they don't like what is happening that's when they step in and take out the hockey guy.

    Having owners that are too involved in the sports side can be good (Mark Cuban) but also awful (Dan Snyder, Al Davis, Jerry Jones). Basketball has 12 players on a squad and a soft cap so owners can spend away mistakes if they have deep pockets. Hockey doesn't.

    Which is not to say the Flames shouldn't have done something with DAZZA before they did. The trade for Kotalik should have been a firing offence. You can't have the emperor ruling without any clothes but by the same token a meddling owner can be just as bad, if not worse.