Sunday, March 13, 2011

Face-offs? We Don't Need To Win No Stinking Face-Offs!

You know what's awesome? Having Jokinen, Stajan, Moss, Backlund, all nominally called 'centres', and the coach still chooses to go with Tangs to take a crucial face-off shorthanded, in our zone.

And it's awesome because, on the surface, you can't even say he made the wrong choice, can you? Because nobody on this team can win a face-off. Right?

The Dirty:





First, methodology. League Average is a pretty rough number. You had to have had played in at least 50 games, and had to have taken at least 50 face-offs at ES. Otherwise the charts is what they say they is, yo.

And at first blush, they say that Tangs should probably not have been taking that face-off in our zone when the game was tied.

The Flames 'best' face-off man when shorthanded is, with very limited attempts, David Moss. If the coach isn't going to use Moss, and BMo is unavailable due to injuries, then the numbers say *puke* Matt Stajan is the best choice. We wouldn't be making a huge stink about it if Tanguay wasn't winning face-offs, in all situations, at a sub 40% clip. Right?

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Where is todays post DB?

    Where are the new girls DB?

  2. i was at the game on saturday with my buddy from new zealand (who was attending his very first live ice hockey game of any level). i was pretty quick to point out that we lost pretty much every faceoff, and i'm pretty sure he was watching for it every time --so he would point out when we won one.

    which, btw, wasn't very often. and was mostly the big staje. i guess a faceoff win is not worth the subsequent presumed liability of having #18 on the ice.

    remember when #18 was lombo ? those were good days....

  3. When Lombo left town, it made it easier for every single guy in the city...