Friday, March 11, 2011


So the first week after we made a big stink about treating the RTPIC with the care and attention it deserves, we go and skip the RTPIC. Of course, right?

Geeze, fuck off people. We realize we look like Loubardias (our new euphemism for 'hack'). The RTPIC will be here next week for reals, pinky swear.

But not this week. Busy #winning, you know?

Anyways, how are we going to cop out on this post? Do you want to hear us rant and rave about how the Flames probably should have one that game if they wanted any cushion at all for the playoff stretch? Do you want to hear us bitch and moan about getting traffic to the net?

Maybe you do, but probably not. Everyone is talking about that shit. All we are going to say on that game is that we hope the Flames didn't wet their appetites for golf on their trip to Phoenix.

Ok baseball season is coming up, and we found a flow chart you may or may not have seen. We present it here in all its plagiarized glory:

Wut up, Cuz? Shit is mildly amusing. You will notice the circuitous route one must take to be a Cubs fan. Bullshit. Slammin' Sammy Sosa, baby. Fuck Mark McGwire.

Argh malarg, people. We thought this was funny, found in random internet search goodness: How To Buy A Minor League Baseball Team. You know, because who hasn't gotten up on a lazy Sunday just itching to buy a minor league baseball team, right? And the problem is, as it always is with these kinds of things, you just don't know where to start. Well now you do. Your welcome.

But wait, there is more: Mars BlakeMan. It's gotta be the shoes:

He looks like a truck and he will run you over. He is also dead wrong. Best TE on the planet? Heath Miller, dumbass.

Hey look, some wrestler who's hardcore is way more hardcore than your hardcore got kicked out of a fancy pants club in LA for jumping into a pool. Somebody tell that pool wrestling isn't real.

Japan, eh? Holy fuck. Glad we aignt there.

Oh yeah, Loubardias. Fuck, it's not funny anymore. Those last two broadcasts were awful. He stutters, mispronounces words, drops creepy unpaid for plugs (honey bunches of oats that's some kind of product? Are you fucking kidding me with that shit?), bites Whalen lines...enough already. We need to kick this campaign into high gear. Next week, we get the Sportsnet directory and start calling VP's.

Anyways, it is Friday. Go out, get drunk, and take home a stranger.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.