Monday, March 21, 2011

Argh Malarg

First, before we begin, fuck those refs. Mob have money on the game, or what?

And look, it isn't nice to bitch and moan about the referees, and we usually don't engage in that type of behaviour n the site, but seriously, fuck those referees. Those puke zebras cost us a point last night.

Actually, there is a solution to that, a way to hedge. It's called 'Win More Than Four Games In November'. It's crazy new, but it tends to allow for margin of error; Margin of error comes in handy this time of year.'s not all over. This team could win eight games in a row. Sure it can. But just in case the team doesn't run the table, which would be crazy impossible because the team is playing so well right now, and it doesn't make the playoffs, we have a solution to the problem.

It's called Brad Richards. After missing the playoffs for the last two years, it just might be a shiny enough bauble to buy the fans appreciation.

Let's not fuck around either folks. It's going to be a tough sled. First, we are going to have to make cap space. That means Ales Kotalik is gone, Nik Hagman is gone, Glencross and Tangs may be gone. Badsuck is definitely out of here. The franchise is going to have to trade Joker or Stajan (and if you, dear Reader, go out and slaughter enough virgins, who knows, they may be able to offload both). Staios is gone anyways, merciful God.

After all that work, then we are going to have to sign the cat. You know who else wants to sign the cat? Toronto and New York. So it's going to cost cash. Here is the thing though: The NHL is a salary capped league. Assuming the league is going to be around, and the Flames are going to be around, in ten years, then that money is already spent. In a capped league that has a salary floor, the money is spent in perpetuity. We just have yet to assign that already spent money. Assign it to Brad Richards. 8 million a year if you have too.

So yeah, that campaign has officially begun...

(we will do a real post tomorrow)

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Flames=out of the playoffs

    Brad Richards? Fat fucking chance.

    Pass some of what you are smoking DB.

  2. *pours some beer on the curb to pay homage to the flames 2010/2011 season.

    **inwardly cheers at the the thought of the playoff ticket refund he'll be getting

  3. Its attitudes like that, that have teams cheap out, and sign players like Shawn Horcoff, or Sheld Souray to big contracts, b/c the team/city/fans do not think they can get the big fish. If organizations have this self defeating attitude, that means they think they're 2nd rate themselves. In this situation, fans need to reevaluate there team expectations, with he teams priorities.

    Murray E needs to come public with the teams true goals, to finish 8th, or to win it all.

    Also, if they signed B.Rich, i would have no problems with tax $ going to the new dome. Murray E scratches the fans back, we'll scratch his.

  4. @#12

    Be better man.

    I love how every time someone who is an oilers fan brings something up we get the old Horcoff Contract chestnut reply. The Oil have tried to land the whales before. I don't think it is a good idea to overpay for free agents if you can't get together enough money for the rest of the team. To do that you need cap space. Something Calgary doesn't have.

    I guess we'll see what happens when Brad Richards signs elsewhere. It has nothing to do with the smaller market or the City. It has to do with a team with no cap space with no relief in sight. Sure you can bury some contracts in the minors to get the $ for Richards. You still need to fill out the rest of the squad though. That ain't happening unless you are aware of a ton of cheap UFA's who will outplay their contracts.

    Trade picks for players? Oh yeah the cupboard is bare. To say nothing of the fact that Richards will be the most coveted FA this summer. Why on earth would he want to sign in Calgary when the team is (at best) sneaking into the playoffs? He's going to want to win son.

    For a guy like Richards who will get the money from wherever he goes it is about winning. The fact is that the Flames window is slamming shut and they don't have the cap space or the prospects to get themselves out of this mess.

    Think J-Bouw thought he'd be missing the playoffs again when he signed to come here? He drank the Sutter kool-aid and now both sides of that deal are likely having second thoughts (J-Bouw about where he is--not the money).

  5. Boy your right RT, i would rather have 3rd and 4th line depth like Hagman, Kotalik, Ivanans, Glencross, or Morrison, rather then B.Rich. What was i thinking?

    Also: Raw was so so yesterday. Next week when the Rock comes back will be epic.

  6. @ #12

    I guess I need to break it down to an "Eric Francis" level to make you understand:

    1. To sign Brad Richards you need cap space;

    2. The Flames don't have any cap space;

    3. The Flames don't have any prospects for opening up sufficient cap space to sign Richards and still be able to field a competitive team (even if they bury Kotlik and Sarich)--Remember how many gazillions of dollars they have tied up in the back end? $18.02M for 4 signed guys if you are counting.

    4. Brad Richards does not likely want to play for a team that is just going to scrape into the playoffs no matter how much money they pay him. The Flames don't even have the spectre of future potential to sell. The window is slamming shut if it hasn't already.

    It isn't that I don't like Brad Richards or other star players for that matter. I'd love to have better players on my squad. When a team squanders its cap space on Hagman, Stajan, Regher, Sarich, Kotalik, and J-Bouw they don't have the luxury of cap room for big stars. The more marginal overpays you have the less room that you have. That is one of the reason the Oil have been so bad the past few years (Pisani, Horc, Staios, Gilbert, Khabby, Nillson, Souray and the list goes on). Now they only have a couple of overpays and the cap space to do something with it. Of course they will screw it up like they always do but I'm used to that by now.

    Enjoy your next streak of non-playoff appearances.

    By the way it is "you're" not "your".

  7. Virgins? In Calgary? Fuck ...

  8. RT, this is how my converstation with Richards would go;

    Murray Edwards: Want 80 million dollars?
    Richards: Yeah, why not?
    Edwards: Cool. Sign here.

    winning is secondary to 80 million dollars, I suspect, for most people. Brad may be able to get both, but you cant tell me the rangers or the leafs are any closer to the cup than the Flames.

  9. @AZR

    But Richards wants to play for those two squads. I've never heard anyone from his camp express an interest in playing for Calgary. You'll take less dough or less of a chance to win if you get to go where you want.

  10. You never know, maybe we can Feaster to suck his dick and seal the deal.

  11. DB is Fat Feaster offering fellatio supposed to be a deal closer? If that is the case maybe you do need Lanny back because at least he'll offer a moustache tickle.