Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Arbitrary Dates, Dirty Hits, Cry Babies,

So now Darryl Sutter getting fired wasn't the catalyst that jumped the teams shooting percentage (but not shots per game) up several percentage points. No, that catalyst is now the December 23rd game against Dallas (see here and here).

Ugh...sorry, no.

First, before we begin, doesn't it seem odd that both papers, who ostensibly should be competing with each other for eyeballs, run what is essentially the same story on the same day?

Honestly, this is how we can see the Flames give you guys talking points. Don't make it so obvious, salesmen masquerading as journalists.

Anyways, look at the schedule. After the 'turn-around' of December 23rd, we lose at home to the Islanders by three goals. That started a four game losing streak. Sorry, arbitrarily picked date denied.

The Flames turned their season around after the six to zilch drubbing at the hands of the Wild.

Look, we know that the media people are not day traders, because if they were, they would understand trend lines. Do you know what a 'bottom' is (Peter Loubardias, don't answer that)? It's the floor of a downward trend line. A bottom must be hit before a trend line can change. Once the trend line hits the bottom (and you see this of course only using hind-sight, unless you're Doug Kass), once it hits the floor, it bounces off it, and you will see the trend line start to change direction.

It appears most obvious to us that after December 23rd, as we said, the team goes on a four game losing streak. Which means the team didn't bottom on or before December 23rd. Which means that isn't the magical date the team turned it around, no matter what the Flames issued talking points say.

The Flames bottomed January 19th, 2011. Period. We don't care that this date wrecks the whole 'Darryl Sutter Is Evil and Holds The Flames Back From Scoring' narrative, which was bullshit to begin with.

Anyways, lecture over, salesmen masquerading as journalists.

The Chara hit was about the dirtiest thing we have seen in a long time, and we hang out with prostitutes.

Honestly, not much more to add than that. Chara knew exactly what he was doing, he even uses his arm to assist the cats flight into the turnbuckle. You can pretend otherwise, but that's exactly what you are doing, pretending, and we don't have to pretend along with you. Chara tried to cut Pacioretty's head off. On purpose.

We love the Habs blog, but if they don't want to lead the angry mob, we will. The hit was a dirty hit. Chara's motivation behind it is irrelevant. He can say he isn't a dirty player all he wants, but he is, if not before, he is now. He can say he didn't mean to cut  Pacioretty's head off, but that doesn't matter. Intent doesn't matter, actions do. If this was a court of law and we were trying a murder case, then yeah, his intent would regulate whether the cat is on trial for manslaughter or murder, but a trial would still be held regardless, and charges would be laid.

You go out and drink and get drunk and drive home and run someone over on the way. You didn't mean to do it, you had no malicious intent. You still go on trial for vehicular homicide (or worse), and you still go to jail. Even though 'But it was only an accident'.

So this is bullshit. Chara should be suspended until Pacioretty's out of the hospital at the very minimum, and we would suspend the cat for the rest of the season, playoffs included. We don't care about his 'intent'. We care about what Chara did, and what he did was hit Pacioretty late to send him into the turnbuckle (and yeah, Chara knew exactly where he was on the ice, we aren't pretending along with the apologists).

Chara is a dirty player who should be suspended for a long time. You want the definition of lack of respect? It's that Chara hit. We know he is a star and all, but if the NHL wants to show that it cares about protecting it's players, all of it's players, what better way to send that message than with a long suspension for Z.

Because if they don't, then the next time these guys play, someone is going to get Bertuzzied, and the league doesn't need anymore black eyes.

Can't wait until Steve Moore wins that lawsuit, by the way. Bertuzzi is a criminal in our estimation and it is a joke that the league still allows him to play.

Brenda Morrison should shut the fuck up, no?

Just like we don't want to hear about how the Darryl was mean to the media, we do not want to hear how 20 Cent was mean to Brenda Morrison. First off, 20 cent weighs 100 pounds. If he said something to you, Brenda, that you didn't like, you tell your fucking team mates that they better go out and do something about it. Ok? You don't, Brenda, go out and whine about it to the media.

What happened to the code? Right?

You want to shut them up? Then beat them. It's pretty simple.

So yeah, no sympathy whatsoever for Ms. Morrison. Brenda, if you were upset that 20 Cent thought you were a little bitch before, what do you think he thinks about you know that you have gone and tattled to the media?

Whats more, besides making Brenda look like a whiny little princess, the fact that Brenda is making these comments publicly puts a shitload of pressure on the Calgary Flames. Is Brenda crying out because he wants the world to know that there will retribution? Is he trying to put Tommy K and Tim Jackman, Esq, into a position that they are forced to retaliate against 20 Cent and his smack talk? He is from Vancouver, and that is how they roll over there, so you never know. One problem though: the Flames don't play the Hawks anymore this year, less they see them in the playoffs. So what the hell was Brenda going public with this for?

If Brenda thinks chirping an injured player (obviously Brenda, you have a reputation for miking injuries, that's why they were chirping you) is amateur hour, what do you call running to the media to complain about it?

Warrener Wednesdays are way better than Fleury Fridays. Something about Warrener that just works on the radio... Oh yeah, it's called 'enunciation'.

(To steal a phrase from the OG Domebeer-aholic RT) 

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. The comment on Warrener Wednesdays sounds oddly familiar.

    If it was Friday evening as opposed to Friday morning you could play one hell of a drinking game if you swigged something every time Fleury says "you know".

  2. When I saw you wrote that, I had to get it in. I should have said 'To quote the great RT'. My bad.

    It's about high time DB came up with an official drinking game though.

  3. Actually RT I am interested in your take on the Chara non-suspension, what with this whole 'intent' malarkey being branded about.

    In my very limited knowledge of the law 'Intent' isn't that big of an issue, or am I completely off base?

  4. It is and it isn't. It doesn't matter if you didn't intend the consequences if you intended the act. If I intended to drive drunk but didn't intend to kill someone I'm hooped. Admittedly I'm not a criminal law talking guy but that's the gist of it. He intended the hit but not the consequences. I think he should be penalized for the hit (he was) rather than the consequences. Of course the NHL wheel of justice would be way better if they just let me make all the decisions because I'm always right.

    By the same token I'm not nearly as worked up about the Chara hit. Jack Johnson did the same thing to Ryan Smyth some time back and there wasn't nearly the same outcry (although Smytty did have the puck) because the injury wasn't as severe. Was it reckless? You bet. Dirty? I'm not so sure. I'd feel better about it if the Habs weren't taking the Bruins behind the woodshed at the time.

    Chara gets a bit of a bum rap because he is the biggest and baddest motherfucker out there. Nobody is tougher or stronger in the league. I've seen him play a ton and I don't think he's dirty. I give him the same benefit of the doubt that I give Iggy when he runs some guy or takes someone out with a low hit (which happens often enough to wonder but not often enough to say he's dirty).

    I don't understand the ire given to Chara right now. he shouldn't be maligned because he's a giant with arms as thick as tree trunks but I don't think the hit was dirty.

    Bertuzzi has been a fucking monster since the dawn of time (gogle it and you'll see some of the shit he pulled in junior and the minors. That guy is a hoodlum who deserves everything he gets. Chara gets the benefit of the doubt from me.

  5. Dec 23 was the turn around day. That was the game we got the 3rd period monkey off our back. We were tied going into the third, but Dallas scored early. Instead of falling a day late & dollar shot like they did in seemingly every 3rd period, they came back, and beat what was at the time one of the best teams in the league. Nothing would be possible unless we got the 3rd monkey off our back, and this was game we knocked it off!!

  6. Eric Francis logic=Anonymous

    4 game losing streak is not how you turn the season around.

  7. How would an oilers fan know?

    They won 3 in a row after the Dallas 23 game.
    They lost to the Islanders after they got cocky on their first game back from a road trip.
    They then lost a close game against Vancouver on the road. No shame in losing that game.
    Then they "lost" 2 more games in a SO against Detroit and Carolina. Those aren't really losses. Then they carried the momentum to beat Ottawa and T.O to save the season.

    But anyways, that's not a 4 game losing streak. That's going 0-2-2, with the regular time losses being @ the hands of the worst and the best, which means the losses were not indicative of how good the team is. Also you haters point at the 6-0 Mini loss as a sign that there was no turn around, but that loss came after they got back home from a long road trip, like the Isle game. They got ambushed, and rebounded with a 7 goal output against a Dallas team which is much better then Mini.

    They turning it all around on Dec 23, but hey, how would an oilers fan know?

  8. Please Read Carefully:

  9. I go to all the games. I know.


    /end argument

  10. Alot of those games were on the road... U must be pretty quick.

  11. Maybe I am dealing with Eric Francis here.

    I know the team because I see it all the time and watch it far more than I should given my rooting interests. I guess that a game being on the road makes it impossible to see (TV NO GOOD UGH--a little caveman speak for you to follow). I guess you must be able to find all kinds of little intangible gems as to why that was the turnaround point. I saw most of those games (on TV no less) and I didn't see them turning a corner there. I saw them losing 4 games in a row.

    The media likes to spin it as a Sutter related turnaround because that's the good story. It doesn't make it right.

    Aren't you the one who says that because I'm an oiler fan my comments are essentially invalid? DB thinks the same and last I checked he had a Flames blog up. Compelling logic from a guy (or girl) who is incapable of creating an identity and loading an avatar.

    /starts slow clap.