Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Rare Weekend Post

Argh malarg, people.

So went to the Heat game and, Domebeer-aholics, got to say, we are a little disappointed. We were in section 110 and for the life of us, we were the only ones booing Kotaleech. We are just going to assume it was because we were by the opposition bench, and that in other parts of the rink the booing of Kotaleech was indeed occurring.

Because that guy is a dog. There was a play where the opposition sent a Heat player head first into the boards, and the first guy in for the Heat should have been Kotaleech because he was the closest Heat player to the ruckus, and instead of going in and hitting or fighting the player who hit the Heat player with a dirty hit, he loops by him. What the fuck, Kotaleech?

Anyways, yeah, the Heat, at least from what we saw last night (limited sample size alert) aren't the cats meow by any imagination. These guys can barely get a pass off, let alone accept one, and they put muffin shot after muffin shot on goal. TJ Brodie looks like he can skate, but Breen doesn't, not better than Pardy at least. And none of the players played with any particular hustle. We have seen Hitmen games that were faster.

So yeah, colour us unimpressed. At least the music was better, largely because there wasn't much of it.

Probably the best part of the outdoor game: When the Flames score, we don't have to hear the stupid techno song they when they score at the 'Dome.

And score they will. We bet they win the outdoor game in a blowout. 7 - 2, Flames. Why? Because Montreal should have rocked the barber pole jersey. They didn't, and now they will lose. That's how it works; if we are going to rock the ugliest, most ridiculous jersey in the city's history, then Montreal should have been a good sport and rocked their insane sweaters. As they were more concerned in looking fly on TV, the hockey gods will punish them with the 'L'.

Foolproof logic.

Going to the Alumni and the Heritage. Shitty seats at the Heritage, but all seats are being advertised as shitty, so we can grin and bear it. Because we will be going to the festivities, and because we like to get our beer on when we go to these festivities, we wouldn't be looking for much out of this corner of the internet on the weekend.

What we will leave you with is this: Beer can freeze!

Uh oh! Yeah, it freezes at about -2.5 C. And as the temp at the game is going to be well below that, you are going to have to drink your beers quickly if you want to enjoy their full flavour. Which means we want to see a lot of people in the concourse at McMahon Stadium shotgunning their beers. And we expect the cops to leave them alone when they do it. Be good to your fellow citizens, officers.

Beer experiments. Thought it was worth a chuckle.

Gio is talking about wearing eyeblack. Better be like this kids.

Better be.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.