Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quick Hits

Random Goodness

- When good teams meet bad teams, they beat them up. Colorado is a bad team. The Flames? Who knows, it's a little early to make a determination. But they showed signs of being a good team by beating up a bad one like they did.

- Excellent third period. We rag on the coach, but he got the guys to come out and play for that third period, one in which they didn't have to, and one where the 'same-old-Flames' wouldn't have. Again, a good sign.

- No nuclear deterrent on the Flames bench could have potentially cost us the season. Olli is nobodies favourite, but he has been producing, and with the all-hands-on-deck situation the Flames find themselves in, the team probably cannot afford to lose him for an extended period of time. Would Olli have been knee-on-knee'ed so flagrantly if the Flames had a real enforcer on the bench?

- Colorado has an enforcer on their bench, which is why the Flames didn't do anything about Olli getting injured with such a dirty hit.

- Get the hint? Trade for some muscle to protect these guys, Feaster. Especially if Jackman, Esq. is going to miss time. Also, if Jackman, Esq. is going to miss time, how is the team going to replace the budding 20 goal scoring winger? (Yeah, you read that right)

- The schedule maker should be shot. How can a team make a determination about it's future when it's competitors have as many as four games in hand on them? We are hoping things even out by the 20th, because that would be what any schedule maker with a brain would have done, but it is the NHL we are talking about here, so we aren't too hopeful.

- Curtis Glencross may be performing at a peak level. In a contract year, coincidentally. Believe us, we definitely see the reasons behind wanting to trade him. That said, this team isn't rebuilding. That has been made clear, we think. So the question is 1) Do you want to sign him; 2) Can you sign him; 3) Is he going to be better than the return you get from him in a trade.

- Glencross is an NHLer. He is 28. If you trade him, it's probably to a team with a 20th or higher draft pick. He is going to be better for the next 3 years than any draft pick taken 20 or higher by the Calgary Flames scouting staff. It's the cap that is the issue. Our feelings are you can probably fit the contract under the cap, so long as Glencross doesn't go crazy and seek a 3 million dollar plus contract.

- Tangs is the bigger deal. People who think that guy is signing for around what he made this year are nuts.

- The Flames need to keep winning to keep us believing. It's a wonder to think that the team went on a giant winning streak and the city is still hesitant to embrace them. That speaks to the amount of goodwill this team has burned through over the last two years.

- Beating Dallas is a must if you want us to believe the team is legitimate, but the bigger test is San Jose. The San Jose game is on the 25th. Does that leave Feaster enough time to make deals after that date? 72 hours is a long time.

- They beat Dallas and San Jose, they will prove to us they are serious. Playing well and losing those games won't be looked on as a moral victory, because they dug themselves too big of a hole. They need to win those games, otherwise we would look to trading the one year contracts on this team for some assets. Management needs to make it clear to the team that there are benchmarks they are looking to to see whether they buy or sell, and then we can watch how the team responds.

- From what we heard of the game last night, Loubardias was terrible as usual. But we want to be serious for a second. There was a series before the third Flame goal of the night when Loubardias was just calling the play. He wasn't going on and on about some stupid tangent he got in his head, he wasn't trying to drown the silence out with his annoying voice, he was just calling the natural flow of the pay. If you got a DVR, go back and listen. It wasn't terrible. It was the best 30 seconds we have heard out of Loubardias. If he gets pissed that the city thinks he is terrible at his job, then he needs to go back over that tape and see what worked. And what worked is all he was doing was explaining the 'what'. Whenever Loubardias goes on to the 'how' or the 'why' or the 'when' it gets annoying as hell. Charlie Simmer is there for that shit. Less Loubardias is more, Loubardias.

- We keep hearing Loubardias is the most knowledgeable guy eva! Well, then he should be a producer, or a director, or the guy who gathers stats. Right? If you are soft and are like 'We can't fire Peter and put him out on the street' then don't fire him, just promote him to the corner office in the corner where he can't bother the listening audience at home.

- The FAN960 Morning show. Listen, we actually like Walker and Boomer. We know a lot of you Domebeer-aholics don't, and we get that. But, notwithstanding missing the hilarious and sophomoric Richards bits, they do an ok job, we think. Walker is a good sidekick, and he knows gambling. Boomer can keep the show flowing. But the show sucks. And it sucks because the guests suck. Mike Brophy? Who the hell thinks Mike Brophy is interesting? They had Arash Madani on today. Arash Madani? Who the fuck cares what Arash Madani thinks, about anything besides 'How's today's special'? Cuz he is fat, get it? Arash Madani didn't have an opinion on Versteeg getting traded, and he covers the Leafs. If you can't bring an opinion to the table, why are you getting air time?

- Squeaky Brad, are you the booker? Step your game up, bro. If you are forced to put these nobs like Brophy and Madani on by Rogers, do it at 6 in the morning so the majority of the city misses their sleep inducing interviews. And here, this one is free: Book locals. Get Peplinski on once a week, or some other Flame alumni. Get the Flames TV host on. Larry Day, is that his name? Whatever, but these Toronta guests suck, and they are ruining the show.

- Walker and Boomer, again this is some nitpicking, only talk about one thing: Hockey. Jim Rome hasn't talked sports in quite some time. The afternoon guys then talk hockey, except when P Sizzle is talking about the sport where men dry hump each other until one taps. It's too much. If you call yourselves a sport station, then it implies you talk about sports. Does anyone working their even watch baseball? Or basketball, for that matter? We understand that hockey sells, but mix in some sports once in a while. Otherwise it's too much. Boomer and Walker talk hockey, and then Kerr comes in and rehashes what Boomer and Walker talked about. Some variety would be nice, no? Just because you all have monolithic sports palettes doesn't mean the rest of us do.

- Follow us on the twitter. It will make women want you. And girls, you follow us on twitter, it will make men want to listen to you. Promise.

- This post has ran longer than we wanted it too.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. Shoot I missed this. The Rock came back to the WWE last night people. And hell yeah we were watching.

    And so I go from the Rock, the most electrifying man in entertainment today, killing an arena, to Peter Loubardias, and his drone.

    Murp city.

  2. No nuclear deterrent on the Flames bench could have potentially cost us the season. Olli is nobodies favourite, but he has been producing, and with the all-hands-on-deck situation the Flames find themselves in, the team probably cannot afford to lose him for an extended period of time. Would Olli have been knee-on-knee'ed so flagrantly if the Flames had a real enforcer on the bench?

    There's no evidence - none - that having someone like Godard on the bench would have stopped Dupuis from running Jokinen. In fact there's evidence to counter that assertionL Godard played in the recent PIT/NYI debacle where Islanders players were jumping Pens left and right. The only thing he did was get suspended.

    Please, let's dispense with this myth forever.

    In addition, Olli Jokinen is just never going to cost the Flames a season, in part because there are very few individual players who are that important, and in part because Jokinen is the same guy he ever was. Remember how he lit the world on fire his first two weeks as a Flame? Yeah.

  3. I think Dupuis would have done what he did regardless b/c he was embarrassed that on Floppa retirement day, Colo. was being lit up by Olli of all people. An enforcer cannot stop a pissed off person from acting out of emotion, but the enforcer can REMIND that rat player that his act was out of emotion, not rational, & so that Iggys gloves can stay clean.

    Also, The Rock was fucking tight. He went for like 20min, and not a dull moment!

  4. Tommy K should have gone right after a skilled Colorado player who doesnt fight right after that hit. He couldn't because he would have then had to have fought Colorados enforcer. Had we had an enforcer on the bench, Tommy K wouldn't have had to deal with that. Didn't think it needed to be spelled out...

    I fail to see how the inability of the pens/isles coaches to control their benches has anything to do with enforcers enforcing.

    In fact, had the pens been using Godard as a they should have been in a game with those tensions who knows if that guy even takes the sucker punch. I know they were using Godard wrong because when shit got hairy, he was on the bench.

    And Godard saved his goalie from getting his faced caved in. Are you serious with that 'all he did was get suspended' nonsense?

    And yeah dude, things are so tight with this team right now that if they lose Olli it's a blow. Who they replace him with? AHLers? If they lose any of their players they are kinda fucked, actually. They are not a great team and they are working with no net.