Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hello, Dombeer-aholics. We are going to be covering some old stuff as well as some new stuff, so we apologize if we bore you with the redundancy. Nothing new for this site, right?

First, what the hell is wrong with Alderman Druh Farrell? Actually, before that, let's discuss the whole Alderman thang. Alderman, if you didn't know, is derived from the word 'Elder', which in this context refers to the position of the the wise man, or the villages coach. So with that in mind, we do agree with Druh that we shouldn't be calling these...'people' Alderman because these...'people' really don't represent what that word is suppose to mean. Right? Nobody would let Druh Farrell look after their pet rock, so to call her 'the village elder' really demeans the concept.

Hey, that means we have a new word to come up with to describe the people who use civic apathy to get elected to office with like 10 people voting, who then position themselves in cushy positions on government boards where the only danger one could experience on the job is that someone might want to bribe you...

Anyways, we bring Druh (seriously, that's how she spells it) up because, as you might have heard, she hates poor people and wants to take the fluoride out of the water supply. To save money, or something. Know what else she wants? She wants to spend a ton of money on consultants (hire us!) to give her cover so she can ask for a bigger budget for her office. Why? Who knows, she probably thought she was winning by spending her budget faster than everyone else on council, you can't tell with Druh.

She actually had a quote where she said something to the effect of "It's, like, really really hard to be a member of council, cha, and, like, the job is way beyond my capabilities, and junk. But it's a super cool job, so, like, I don't wanna quit, right? Like, so, umm, if you could, like, giggle, just give me some more money so, like, I could hire more people it would be tots cool."

Elections have consequences people. Whatever, my ward elected Pinko, err, Pincott, so we aignt got room to talk shit.

What the hell is George Johnson doing? Kill the hope, don't give it life! Johnson isn't a dummy. Why is he peddling, while at the same time not peddling (it's one of those articles where it's like "I think he could do x, but he also could do y!"), the hope? You are telling me Johnson wants to cover a 9th place team? George, and his peers, have a job to do. They have to prepare the part of the fanbase who aren't really fans for the eventual tank job. George's article isn't bad in and of itself, but why even write it? Why write about all the points they have accumulated in a glowing manner when it comes against the softies of the East? This, as Johnson himself points out in the article, is an illusion. So why indulge it?

Instead of writing about will they or won't they, the conversation should be should they or shouldn't they. We are in the 'tank the season, trade off as much of the supporting cast as you can, get a good player in the draft' camp. There is also the 'Let them keep trying, maybe even add a player at the deadline if you can, make a run for the playoffs and see what happens from there' camp. The latter camp is wrong, but people are allowed to hold wrong opinions in this great country of ours. Whichever way you swing on this issue, it's an issue, it's the issue, we should be talking about.

Why did they fire Darryl if they (the owners, management) still wanted to compete for 8th? We took firing Darryl as a sign that the organization knew what was up, and it was letting everyone else know they knew through firing Darryl. Right? Is that a wrong conclusion to make? We don't think so. But here we sit, with Feaster not doing anything either way, and with a Heritage Classic game looming.

Ahh, the Heritage Classic, the gorilla in the room clouding all decisions...

While on the topic of trades, we want to be clear. We aren't for jeopardizing the negotiating power that Feaster has (if he has any) and forcing a trade just to make a trade. Or at least we wouldn't be, except that the team is winning right now, and if you want to go the draft route, being in the top 5 of bad teams is the safest way to ensure that you do actually end up with a good player and not a bust like name-your-Flames-prospect Saprykin (round 1, #11). Oh, and all those teams you just beat on the road trip? Yeah, those are the ones you are competing against to get into the top 5 bad teams at the end of the year.

And our retort to the people who say the draft is a crapshoot and we might as well win as many games as we can and see where the chips fall because the owners can afford it and you owe it to the fans? The draft is a crapshoot, and the Flames have a history of being terrible at it, so the closer to number one you can get, the better. The team doesn't have the cap space to get better through free agency, and the pieces we have aren't good enough to challenge for a Cup legitimately. Therefore, draft is the avenue we have to go down, so lets not fuck it up by drafting 14th. Also, if they thought they owed the fans anything they would have sent Staios to Abby, and sent Kotalik to Russia.

Still on trades. Flooschman, Fleshman, oh, Fleischmann for Reggie. The general consensus seems to be that this wouldn't be a good trade for the Flames. People seem to think you can get more for Reggie. The rumour de jour in the summer was that the Flames could have had Savard for Reggie. Is Savard better than Fleischmann? Most of you will say yes, of course he is. But is he? Savard is signed until the 2016-2017 season, and he is 33 right now. Fleischmann is signed until the 2010-2011 season. One and done. Fleischmann might not be the better player, but he is certainly the better (read: more liquid) contract. (Also, Fleischmanns brains haven't been scrambled and he can play a full season.)

Reggie for Fleischmann is a better trade than Reggie for Savard, because of the flexibility it gives the team. It probably will be argued that it would make the team worse because the worst depth on the team is the shit we have on the defence (Staios, ect.) and we would have to play those players more minutes with Reggie gone. Good, that kills two birds with one stone: We get worse, get a better draft pick, and shed salary at the same time.

Maybe they are holding out for a first rounder, who knows.

You know that radio commercial they play on the FAN960 that talks about the Flames and how great they are and towards the end of it the singer on the track they are using for background music yells out, in a voice one would use if one was, oh, taking a massive shit, or maybe busting a nut, 'Calgary Flames'? Do you know what we are talking about? What the hell is up with that commercial? Uhh, please stop playing it and come up with something that isn't so disturbing, thank you. Here's a hint: drop the stupid pop punk rock angle you are going for and USE A FUCKING FIDDLE! God, are we the only ones who remember the team plays in Alberta? Glencross is a cowboy in real real life, for crying out loud! Give us some twang.

There was a funny story we missed. It was in the Sun, and it was titled 'Feaster backs Kipper'.

Uhh, yeah, Feaster better. Kipper is the one with a contract for next year.

We really don't like the U.S.A. hosting the leader of a criminal regime, one that employs police tactics (the Terror) against it's own population in order to cow it into servitude. We don't like the U.S.A, supposedly the champions of Liberty and the Free Market negotiating with a partner that believes in neither, who in fact has its own border closed to free trade, and who only allow foreign companies in to the country to do business if it can also steal that companies technology. We really don't like the idea of a Democratic President, a guy who is supposedly for 'the little people', meeting, and thereby legitimizing, a leader of a country who employs a massive amount of slave labour.

It's disgusting.

Iggy can do what he wants. Not upset in the slightest.

Did Boomer reference us when he was talking to the coach of the team or are we crazy? Either way, crazy!

Boo Nystrom! Boo him every time he touches the puck. It's your duty as a Flame fan to demand the media fire up the hype machine anytime a player who left the organization comes back!

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. DB

    You have to admit, watching Bourque and Savard play soft and get injured for the next 5 years would have been sweet.

  2. Woohoo! Tank the season and get a high draft pick!

    In the most suspect draft class of the last 20 years.

    Fucking awesome.

    Nice pull, Flames.

  3. Im of the opinion that most drafts have only a few players in them (outside of 2003 of course) anyways. But yeah, your point is a good one, a player may not be on the board at 10+, which is why the team needs to tank it hard.

    The issue is whether or not the team is good enough. It seems pretty clear that it is not. So how do you improve the talent level? You can use free agency, trades, or the draft (or a combination). Well, the Flames have too much salary committed for next year to really improve themselves substantially in free agency barring them signing a player to a miracle value contract like Tangs is on this year. And they would need more than one of those, so it isn't a realistic option.

    That leaves the only avenues left to pursue trades and the draft. Look, the Flames are 14th in the West, so what is the point of having guys like Tangs and Hags and name-your-favourite-Flames-supporting-player on the team? Trade these guys for picks or expiring contracts. This will make the team worse, which helps us tank it and get a better pick, in what you say isn't a great draft.

    Trades and the draft are how the org is going to dig itself out of this hole. The good news is that we are going to be an awful team next year too. Hopefully that is a stronger draft.

  4. Of course the draft is weak, we lost to the Russians!

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