Monday, January 17, 2011

It's Not Cute

If the Flames had played real teams over the weekend, with the effort they gave, they would have lost. They would have lost.

The Senators were a joke who decided to give it a go with 10 minutes left in the third, and the Flames had a three goal lead, so the pedal was not on the metal, and they gave up two fake goals. But we were not impressed with the effort, it wasn't an entertaining game to watch, and the Flames were lucky they were playing a team that had quit on their coach. Colour us underwhelmed.

The Toronta' game was even worse. Fuck waffles, if we were Leaf fans we would have encouraged everyone to buy a beer, chug it down, go to the bathroom, and fill their beer cups with beer-piss and beer-shit. We would then have encouraged everyone to then chuck the piss and shit filled cups into the Maple Leafs bench.What the hell was that? How do you have no fight, and this is both the Flames and the Leafs, for a Saturday night hockey game? Oh, right, dinner reservations.

Sure, we won the game, hurray, but you wanna know why we are down on the team? It's because they sleepwalk through games, even though they are a 14th place hockey team. It's because when they get on the national stage, Saturday night in the centre of the universe, instead of beating down a team they are more talented than, instead of beating down a Leaf team who had no interest in playing, they take the night off themselves instead of sending a message. You wanna know why we get down on the media? Because after those two shitty games, instead of calling the team out and saying the truth, which is they only won because the teams they played had no desire themselves to win, and if they had played real teams they would be on a two game losing streak right now with the effort they gave, they are feeding the fanbase with tales of hope and 'we can get right back in this thing gang'. Fuck off, no we can't, not if we play like we did on the weekend, and you, media guys, know it.

But that's not what's pissing us off. The media, based on who they draw their paycheque's from, have to sell the team. It's part of their professional obligation. They can be forgiven for it (except Loubardias). What the hell is the coach doing trying to keep hope alive?

In the Leafs game, Kotalik fucked up big and cost the team the lead late in the third. Instead of banishing Kotalik to the bench and crushing whatever spark is left in the soft Czech, Brent did the right thing (long term) and went back to Kotalik in the shoot out. Fuck off Brent, and stop coaching! And to make matters worse, Kotalik actually scored. Thanks Brent, now Kotalik might get confident and actually try to play good hockey now.

It's so irritating! We need to lose and Brent keeps trying to keep the team from quitting. We need players to fold in the tent, and Brent won't let them. Do you realize Badsucks improving under Brent? That implies to me that Brent is trying to get the most out of these guys! And if he is allowed to continue this act all season, who knows where we end up. Mark our words, if this 'coaching' is allowed to continue, we aren't going to come away from this year with a lottery pick. And 9th place helps nobody.

So the ball is in Feasters court. Feaster needs to gut this team,and gut it fast. You know what we want to see for the rest of the season? Iggy, Kipper, Gio, and JBlow. And the rookie, we guess. That's it. Everyone else on the team needs to go. Honestly, Tanguay, Hagman, Jokinen, Stajan, Bourque, and Pardy represent a lot of second round draft picks. And if we get rid of the support, we are almost guaranteed a lottery pick.

The Flames goal differential is -10. One team has made the playoffs (in the Western Conference) post lockout with a negative goal differential. We will not be the second team. Bury this body, Feaster. Reggie not playing on the weekend had us hoping Feaster was working on something other than finishing the game day dinner.

All you people who thought the Steelers couldn't win the game by more than three points got what you deserved. What a joke. Flacco is no better than Bowler, and should have been shut out. Harrison is a beast. Steelers going to the Superbowl, which means A Z R, your humble correspondent, won't have a complete wash of a year, sportswise.

You know what's wrong with Loubardias? We mean, besides everything? When everything is the greatest thing ever to happen in a hockey game, then nothing is. And he has kept this act up for two years plus now, and he still hasn't figured that out.

You know, this here website has been around for about a year. We think we can officially call ourselves 'underground' now. Now the question is: if we were to publish a small little bathroom book, would anybody buy it?

Tentative title: Dome Beers Guide To The 'Dome, or maybe make it an annual thing, Dome Beers Guide To The 2010-2011 Season. Who knows. And yes, that is a blatant attempt to have a publisher give us an advance.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. I'll buy your book, dammit. And fuck Flacco. I want to punch that guy in the uterus.

    I hate what the Flames have become. I love this blog.

    What a conflicting day.

  2. Just came by to wish you luck tonight. Well not really, but I gotta be polite.

    I'll but the book too, but only at $9.99 or less

  3. I wish the Habs luck too. Top 5 or bust from here on out.

    And I love that you love blog, Angela. Me gusto love.

  4. will it have pictures?

  5. Its not that the fans dont believe they can make the playoffs, its that we dont want them too.

    OH red mile, where art thou?

  6. did you delete my comment ? or did i only preview it ?

  7. I dont delete WI, and why would I delete one of yours? Actually we deleted one comment in the history of the site, and it was like spam for a porno site.

    You know you have made it when you get spam from porno sites.


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