Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Guess We Should Say Something

Very quickly...

The Flames are down by four goals to the Habs, and the Montreal crowd breaks out the Ole Ole. With ten minutes left in the period. The second period.

That was awesome. You wanna know why that was awesome? Two reasons. One, crowds that do that shit in the second period of a hockey game are drunk, which is tits. Two, having their, je ne sais quoi, machismo questioned like that was the very reason the Flames came back. Montreal stops trying, the Flames start trying, ect.

So bon travail, Montreal crowd. Merci.

Also: Brent left Kipper in for too long if you want the Flames to win and make the playoffs. The first soft goal after the first soft goal he let in he should have been pulled. We can quibble on what constitutes a soft goal or not (Karlsson's in OT) but we think all of them were soft. We can quibble about Cammo's, but we think he should have been yanked after two, but definitely after three. If you are trying to win...

Also: Anyone see Flames TV last night? First off, the host of that show, he couldn't replace Loubardias? Second, they had Lanny McDonald on, and holy fucking shit that guy should be our GM. We tried to google it and found nothing, and the same with the youtube. Take our words for it. Host asks Lanny what he would do, and we shit you not #9 says if he is missing the playoffs, it isn't with an old team. He wants to tank it, too! Lanny and his moustache would also go on to talk about how they envision a team: Fast, deadly and can score (the Steinke special). Moustache in complete agreement, Lanny then talked about how he would use his vast network of contacts to improve the scouting. For reals.

Manna from Heaven. This guy lives in the city, the season ticket holders love him, and he has managed various levels of hockey teams before. You can bet Lanny wouldn't have fucked up the Heritage Classic ticket sales and then the subsequent placing of said tickets. It is a joke Lanny McDonald isn't at least being considered for an interview.

We said we would be quick, it was quick.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. 1. no mention of perry berezan here is a crime. i've had a crush on that dude since i was eleven, and i think he's more handsome now.

    2. the short form of et cetera is etc. not ect. please for the love of god i can't read it wrong here anymore.

    3. why on earth has lanny's moustache never been nominated for the rtpic ?! it would be a shoo-in winner, no doubt.

    4. i am starting to think feaster was hired purely to deal our captain. sortof the way people hated al coates for trading niewendyk, i think feaster will be detested for being the guy who ran iggy out of town and the org will bring in his replacement shortly thereafter. this should be/could be lanny.

  2. Didnt dude ask for a trade from a Stanley Cup team over playing time? We don't like that stuff.

    Ect...we spell aint wrong (aignt) on this site here too. Call it Dome Beers vernacular.


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