Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fun Facts About Russia

Dobro požalovat, comrades. Let us tell you about the wonderful workers paradise that was the 'top' in the former Soviet Union.

(All information from the spooks over at Langley)

Birth Rate: 11.11/1000
Death Rate: 16.04/1000
Differential: -4.93
(Canada's differential: +2.41)

Infant Mortality Rate: 10.32/1000
Canada: 4.99/1000
Differential: +5.33 for Canada.

Life Expectancy: 66.16 years.
Canada: 81.29 years.
Differential: +15.13 for Canada.

GDP: 1.232 Trillion dollars.
Canada: 1.336 Trillion dollars. (And we have a population of 33 million compared to Russia's 139 million.)

Central Bank Discount Rate: 8.75%.
Canada: 0.05%
For those who don't know, the Central Bank Discount Rate is the rate the central bank (IE the freakin treasury) is charging other commercial banks for overnight loans. The lower, the better. And 8.75% is fucking terrible.

Commercial Bank Prime Lending Rate: 15.31% (Again, fucking yikes!)
Canada: 2.4%

HIV/Aids Infected in Population: 1.1% (40,000 deaths 2007)
Canada: 0.4% (less than 500 deaths 2007)

Major Infectious Disease Risk: Intermediate (including a high risk getting bacteria caused diarrhea from drinking the water or eating the food. Yeah, like Mexico in the 70's. Also, they have a large amount of tick-borne encephalitis. Whatever the fuck that is.)

Canada: None. Yeah, fucking none, Russia. Because we are a first world country, and you are slave state run by a corrupt former KGB agent and his buddies. Just saying.

So yeah, we may have lost the battle. But it's the Russians who have to go back to that hell hole who lost the war.

Furthermore, I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.



    They just wanted it more DB.

    You don't need the kaiser report to tell you that!

  2. In Russia, leads blow you!