Monday, December 6, 2010

We Have Done This Post Before

Flames lose. They lose a game where they manage to take 20 Cent out in the first minute. They lose a game that despite the fact they took 20 Cent early, they gave up four powerplay goals.

Look. The Sun, Herald, Flamesnation, M&G, us, we have all declared the Flames season dead. Nothing the team did last night changed that assessment, and nothing probably would have, save had they beat the Blackhawks by a 10 goal margin.

Is the team a last place team? No, it has more talent on it than that. But is it a team that can legitimately challenge for a Stanley Cup? No, it's not. You can't lose all the one goal games this team does and expect it to be able to win one goal games against good teams when the pressure is on, which it would need to do to win a Cup, provided the team can even make the playoffs.

So nothing really is new. The team, honestly, is probably a good bad team. Which is the worst type of suck, isn't it? The 'we are in the middle of the pack' suck. Now maybe the team is worse than the Oilers and the Islanders, and we continue being awful for a full season and earn a good draft pick with our terrible performance. But we really don't think the team is worse than those two bottom dwellers. Some time this season the Flames will pick it up, end the year in 9th place, get a middle to late first round pick. Which won't be a total disaster, as draft picks are question marks anyways, but it won't certainly be characterized as a good thing, either.

Let's aim for a top 5, Calgary.

We know the coach gets a lot of leeway from the people who cover the team. All the coaches do, the assistants too. We know why. They have personal relationships with them. That's cool.

But enough with this shit about how the coaching staff is good. Enough. Individually, and in a vacuum, who knows, Brent Sutter may be the worlds greatest coach, employing cutting edge strategies with the latest and greatest in motivational techniques. Who knows, right? But on this team, on the Calgary Flames, Brent is a bad coach, and it's time someone in the media started questioning him.

What is the job of a coach? A coach is given a roster, and is told to win games with it. So at the end of the day, a coach needs to win. A good coach is one who is able to win with the roster given to him, a bad coach is not. This is a terrible way to evaluate the position. There have been good coaches saddled with bad teams, and if you have a bad team, the coach isn't coaching to win anyways, he is coaching to not get embarrassed. So we understand that some of you will shout 'not fair' to what we are about to say.

Evaluated on wins and losses, this coach, Brent Sutter, is worse than Playfair or Keenan. WORSE THAN RUSTY MIKE KEENAN.

A coach needs to get his players to respond. Do you remember 2004? Of course you do. Do you remember how the coach at the time, D Sutter (oh why oh why do you not come back and coach?), as cliche and stupid as this sounds, managed to get 110% out of his roster, probably 90% of the time. And he had to because that was the only way the team was going to win. This current Sutter head coach, while his team may be more talented than the AHLers we were rocking in 2004, still needs to work 110%, 90% of the time if it is (or was) serious about contending. And he isn't able to juice stones to that degree.

Look, it's harsh because he is working with a bad roster. But the roster isn't last place bad. Some of that has to be on the coach. This coach isn't able to connect with this group of players. The problem is that this group of players is the same group we will have next year, barring major reconstructive surgery. If he isn't able to get them to buy in during year two of his reign as coach, what makes you think he will be able to get them to buy in year three?

He may be a good coach. Cool. But he isn't here, not with this group.

You know how we know he isn't that great? The team has had like 20 closed door meetings with the team in 24 some odd games of the season. That's normal right? Good coached teams have that happen, right?

And do you all have twitter (follow us!)? Last week Roger Millions sent out a tweet about hot the assistant coaches are working really really hard and it would be so unfair of us to correlate the shit product we see on the ice with their efforts. Honestly, when we read that, we threw up in our mouths.

What bullshit wagon circling. Look, we like Rog, sat in his seats at Stamp games, think he is a much better play by play guy than that human boredom machine Loubardias. But fuck off with this shit, we aignt stupid. How you can tell me it isn't Dave Lowry's fault that PP sucks, even though he has been coaching it for two years and the PP is actually where a good X and O coach can steal some wins for his team? Look, the roster is Darryl's responsibility at the end of the day, so if we are taking logic to it's end, then yes, it is Darryl's fault. Darryl built the roster so it must be his fault. But Darryl isn't divine. He can make mistakes. If he did, it is up to the coaches to mitigate the mistake. If he gave this team such terrible personal that it is a matter of fate that it would be in the bottom of the league in terms of PP effectiveness, that would be one thing. But he didn't.

This team has Jarome Iginla on it, has a Bourque on it. It has passers in Stajan and Tanguay. It has a point from the shot in Babchuck (who will be known on this page as Badsuck forevermore), well, it would if he could ever hit the net and not try to decapitate whoever is standing in front of it. It has the pieces necessary to score on the PP. So it isn't Darryl's fault this time. This particular problem with the team is entirely on the coaching staff, Roger Millions obfuscating notwithstanding.

The Steelers are awesome. That was a great game last night. Did you know that the big bad Ravens can't beat a team that is starting the fan sitting in row 8 seat 3 at left tackle? Seriously, the Steelers have no O-line right now, and even lost more members during that game, and they still won. Pathetic, Baltimore.

The Steelers gave the ball to this backup, Redman, and he ran the ball in from about 10 yards out. That is what we are talking about. When your number is called, make a play.

This website is getting to be a big downer. We are going to do a fake interview or a skit or something this week, we promise. Even if it tanks, at least it won't be on how the Flames are sucking.

Maybe we will have the Hair's discuss geopolitics. Should be fun.

Furthermore I think Peter Loubardias should be fired.


  1. here's my latest take:

    if darryl proclaims this team to be playoff material, then darryl should coach it. up until last night, i agreed with the "stay the course" mantra when it came to brent, but when the coach insists that the gameplan is to stay out of the box and get a jump early (and the team takes a penalty at 3:03 and gets scored on during the ensuing PP), it's time to go.

    i realized this last night when i, too, concluded that the majority of the team performed better under keenan. i say that because gio CLEARLY prefers brent.

  2. Ah man, I was becoming a bigger DB fan each passing week, and then you dump this pro steelers BS on me? C'mon man! There is a lot more than just a weak O-line that makes a team play. Thats like saying that the Flames should be beat everygame cause the don't have a solid number one center! PS. I hate the Steelers

    Raiders/Ravens Fan