Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quickly On Fat Feaster

A DB post on a Sunday? While the Steelers are playing?

With all the hullabaloo in this city about the GM and the coach, and the talk that they might both be out so the Calgary Flames can have the privilege of handing over the reigns to Feaster, we thought it would be a prudent time to remind the folks about what a complete disaster that would be.

From TSN (2/26/2008):

After much speculation, the Tampa Bay Lightning have agreed to trade one of their 'Big Three' forwards, sending centre Brad Richards and goaltender Johan Holmqvist to the Dallas Stars for goalie Mike Smith, centre Jeff Halpern, winger Jussi Jokinen and a fourth-round pick.

So the genius that is Fat Feaster traded away arguably his best trade chip for an AHL goalie, two pluggers who are currently playing for other teams right now, and a fourth round pick.

You want this guy making the decision on Iggy, Kipper, Reggie, Bourque, et al?

No thanks.

But wait, there is more. Remember when Fat Feaster had to trade the no talent bum Dan Boyle?

From TSN (7/4/2008):

(Boyle) signed a six-year, $40 million extension in February just before the trade deadline and fired some verbal shots at Lightning management on his way out of Tampa Bay.

"I don't have the nicest things to say about the way things happened," Boyle said in a conference call.

"I was misled and disrespected and it really was not the right way to do a lot of things. I don't have actually anything good to say about how this all went down."

That's a good sign, right? Fat Feaster having a player claim that he disrespects and misleads people is a sign of a good GM, right?

Please, let's end this nonsense now. Feaster is not the White Knight. Darryl Sutter may have warts, but he is a better GM than Feaster. If we are firing Sutter for Feaster, that is a step backwards. Feaster burned the Lightnings organization down around him and then jumped ship. That's not the kind of person we should have running the good ship Calgary Flames. Don't bring in a tired, fired retread. Bring in someone new. Bring in a Lanny McDonald to be Club President, and then let him hire a new GM and new coach, if it comes to that.

There are other names out there. We suggest Lanny because of all the synergy. But whoever is brought in to fix this mess, it shouldn't be Fat Feaster. If the ownership is cleaning house, he should go to.


  1. But wait, there is more.

    Feaster had a blog on The Hockey News, and I just picked at random one of the last ones he wrote: Blackhawks Brace For Ugly Cap Situation.

    Do you know what it says in that article: "In our case the change happened in August of 2004 when salary arbitration hearings took place."

    Are you kidding me? He took his players to arbitration? Who does that? This guy is an idiot! People, kill this noise about Feaster, ASAP.

  2. Yeah, Kipper, I know. He had played 40 games in the league and then the playoff run. I'll give Sutter a pass for electing arbitration on a player who has no comparable in the market, and thus was a bit of a mystery to price.

    And for the record, Feaster took 3 players to arb that year, which was the most in the league.

  3. Feaster had a blog on The Hockey News

    Most of his stuff on THN was asinine: